World Pulse LIVE 2010

A Speaking and Media Tour with a New Generation of Women
Web 2.0 Citizen Journalists

A new network of trained women citizen journalists and leaders are speaking out from some of the most forgotten regions of the world. This November, meet three award winning correspondents for yourself as they travel across the US sharing how the power of web 2.0 has changed their lives and advising us on how we can harness technology to empower women worldwide.


Meet the Voices of Our Future Awardees

Malayapinas, Philippines

Since childhood Malayapinas has seen the dark side of globalization and violence in the Philippines. She walked to school barefoot after selling eggs and cigarettes in her nation's ports, and toiled in banana plantations to earn her way through college. Her dream is to see her people free to chart their own destiny. Sadly, two of her women colleagues were recently killed in the largest massacre of journalists in recorded history. For her, the risks she faces by speaking out are outweighed by the risks of continued silence.


I want to show the world that Filipina women are not servants of the world but are servants of peace and freedom.

Sunita Basnet, Nepal

Sunita blazed a path by becoming the first girl to complete high school in her impoverished village in Nepal. Since then, her thirst for justice led her at age 16 to start a successful local savings club for women in her village of 500. She has traveled across her country recording the stories of rural villagers, even while witnessing bloody attacks by the Maoist insurgency. Now, Sunita vows to continue educating and networking women in her country and beyond to eradicate poverty.


I want to make a network in every country and bring changes in people's lives. The power of words is the key to shake the world.

Jacqueline Patiño, Bolivia

Jacqueline has worked hard to achieve her dreams and ignite change in Bolivia. At 18 she found herself on the streets with two children, fleeing severe violence at home. Yet, she decided that life would not defeat her. College student by night, she took on odd jobs, eventually launching her own small businesses. Today she is a fierce advocate for girl mothers and has worked with social organizations and indigenous groups across Bolivia spreading her message of non-violence and possibility.


Everywhere in Bolivia and Latin America women are used to suffering, but my motivation in life is to help them realize their dreams.

Experience World Pulse LIVE 2010 

November 8-18
New York | Washington, DC | Denver | San Francisco | Portland

New York, NY

November 8-10


Nov 10:  Press & Media Forum Paley Center for Media

Washington, DC

November 11


Denver, CO

November 13-14

Nov 13: Private Salon

Nov 14: Denver Woman's Press Club

San Francisco, CA

November 15

Nov 15: Private Salon

Nov 15: Training Forum at Global Fund for Women

Portland, OR

November 17-18

Nov 17Mercy Corps

Nov 18: The Link For Women’s Leadership Event


About World Pulse and the Voices of Our Future Training Program

World Pulse is a global media enterprise devoted to bringing women a global voice. Through World Pulse’s interactive media channels over 40,000 women from over 175 countries are speaking out, connecting, and changing each other’s lives — including those using internet cafes and cell phones from rural villages.

Voices of Our Future is World Pulse’s online training program in web 2.0, citizen journalism, and empowerment for emerging grassroots women leaders, primarily from conflict zones and other unheard regions of the world. During a rigorous five month program, correspondents gain the technical and professional skills to use new media to speak to the world; overcome barriers to achieving their visions; and raise awareness about the issues in their regions through publication in World Pulse and other international media channels.

Each correspondent will be supplied with a laptop thanks to the generosity of Grouse Mountain Spa and Resort, Vancouver B.C.


The Voices of Our Future tour is made possible by the generous support of:


Nan Crawford

Adam Bacher Photography

Mercy Corps Action Center

The Paley Center for Media

The Link For Women, our generous hosts, and the intrepid World Pulse team.


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