2010 VOF Module 2 Optional Assignment

Mixture of Culture: beauty unity

I am what we call café-au-lait (mixture of coffee and milk), for being from both the south and south-east, and such face some inoffensive discrimination: with my mother family, I am called of my fathe
Angkor Wat Temple

Cambodia - Cultural Temples

I am so happy and proud to be born as Khmer and live in my beloved country Cambodia which is well known about its Angkor Wat Temple and natural resources.

NATURALLY NEPAL- together for tourism

How come you nepali people are always smiling and so friendly, you sing and dance like crazy, though there are difficulties in life and some culture and conservative thinking still are the barriers to
Capital Island of Maldives - Male'

Maldives: My birth place

The hues of blues that stretches beyond my eyesight takes me to an enchanted world of purity, safety and love creating tender ripples of calmness in my body when I stand on the beach of Male'.