2010 VOF Week 2

The Journey

As a young woman growing up in Somalia, I have always found it troubling that some people were given advantages and others were denied advantages due to their color or class.

Feelings of the Heart

Two days ago, my son traveled to Europe to attend university. At the age of 17, he is not a boy, but also not yet a man, but he felt it was time to be on his own.

My Story

My story began 26 years ago when my father took my brother and I to pre-primary school. I was then aged 5 years.

Stories to be unveiled

The economic and social environment I live in, everyday people have to think who decides who gets what, who decides who will get education, who decides who eats what, who decides who has a shelter and

My lighthouse

When I was 5 years old I been at the sea. It was very picturesque memory cause it was first time and hadn’t ever seen so much water. I was afraid of water, didn’t want to go in.