2010 VOF Week 2


A young girl

While growing up as a young girl, several girls my age had this unvoiced mentality impeded in them that a woman's place is in the kitchen doing household chores.

Canvas Sky

When I was a little girl, the sky was my canvas. On blue-sky days, I would lie on my back on the bonnet of Daddy’s Peugeot, and paint my Disney-flavored fantasies.
Uwemedimbuk Ekanem

My journey to VOF

From a predominantly female children family, the 6th out of 7 children, 5 females and 2 males, several times my father would express regret that I was a female child especially when I performed very w

My Best Self

Several years ago I got a revelation that I could serve better if I dedicate my gifts and abilities to activities with meaning.

The Pulse of a Global Utopia

World Pulse and Pulsewire is a path that showed itself to me spontaneously through the various sources of information I receive, in the form of newsletters, blogs and journals I like to visit and read

Girl in the Void

Night comes, I go to my bed, lying there having sleeping problem because my mind can't stop thinking and recalling all what happened to me today, what happened to me in this month, in this year, and