2013 VOF Week 4

The Future

“I wish to be remembered as someone who cared for people”, was my introduction while sharing my story with the 50 other wonderful women in the WPSP program.
Taha Mirani


When I was born, my father says, the hospital was literally filled to the brim with all the close relatives coming to ask about the newborn. Restless limbs. Fluttering hearts. Cheerful smiles.

2013 VOF Week 4

My personal vision for my life, my community and the world starts with challenging the world with the idea that men should “act like gentlemen, but think like women”; the idea that no girl is too smal

Surfing the Waves of Herstory

The world yearns for laugher, love, light. People clamor for empowerment and education. Cultures are ready for stories of peace, prosperity, health, and humor.

Visioning Hope, I Rise

In a moment of divine synchronicity one restless February night, about two months ago, I was brought to the short film, "One Billion Rising." For three minutes, I sat transfixed while being visually t

Dreaming the Vision

I’ve always wanted to become the one person that can inspire many other people; especially women. To do so, I have to start by building myself first.