2013 VOF Week 4

A real woman's Vision

Nothing can be compared to a burning passion, it keeps burning and seeking opportunities to explore. This passion is what I have for journalism,as I regard it as first love.

Nothing about Us without Us

The Nigerian society has evolved, although our laws, social amenities/structure and attitude do not really promote and encourage an inclusive society for everyone including marginalized populations.

Roll the drums!

Bam bam bam The drums roll “It’s a baby girl!, exclaims the father, “May our ancestors be praised for this wonderful gift” replies the uncle,

A quarrel of being Plural

My personal vision is that of being a plural being, open to possibilities but not losing my sense of self. This leads to a personal dilemma arises on what facet to adopt and what to discard.

An Invisible Movement

My journey is a walk to redemption, I see myself as being part of an invisible movement in which we are all foot soldiers matching towards making the world a better place.