Changing Birth Changes Everything

The other day I got to watch birth happen. I got to watch a woman pull up all the strength inside of her and use it to bring a newborn child into the world.


I liken my bellycast project to a pregnant woman. It evolves and changes at its own pace.

Birthing Ourselves

Something very big is happening. I feel it and you probably do too. There’s been a shift and it has to do with individual and collective consciousness.

About Childbirth

New Year's Eve 2008, I found out i was expecting, certanly not a news i expected, but nontheless that filled me with a sense of accomplishment as if was fnally happening what i had long dreamed and lo


Three mysteries of life and womanhood intertwined Man and woman coming together To form life Body changes and feelings you can not escape Nine months of nurturing in the womb