Like a mother, like a daughter

We look like our grandparents. A friend of mine just told me today that the genes that does not appear on the first generation, they appear on the second one.


I was born on a mat Airyn R. Lentija I was born on a mat dried coconut leaves woven by the hands of my ancestors; the great heirs of the earth’s dust. I am a farmer’s daughter
Venkatamma predicting the future...

Women's work?

A shoemaker. A fortune teller. Even in present day India, one rarely associates these professions with women irrespective of economic status. And those women who do these jobs are barely visible.

My mother, myself

I love the photo I have posted for my profile. It was taken by a street photographer (remember them?) of my Mom (l) and me (r) from about 1970, during a happy lull in our tempestuous relationship.