Inside Congo's Growing Sisterhood

Despite conditions stacked against collaboration, women leaders in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are forging ahead to build solidarity and a global force for change.

Call for Submissions: Bridging Borders

The Maman Shujaa have set a wonderful example in World Pulse’s global community: You have united across diverse backgrounds and experiences to advance solutions, and you have used the World Pulse plat

Returning What We’ve Stolen

Through his work helping women get online and raise their voices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Stany Nzabas hopes to see women in his country reclaim their rights.

All people need peace and security

I am always asking when peace and security will take place in our contries,but i think if all people can buid love in they heart and look another like him self,the war will end and people will have a

Un poème qui vaut une prière

« Parole d’une révolutionnaire » est un poème écrit par Joëlle ZIHINDULA KOKO, et publié dans un recueille de poèmes intitulé : LARMES ENSANGLANTEES AU KIVU.