Sitting My Own Shiva

For many years I sat Shiva for my own life and my own dreams, Allowing in only good stories, so as to invite eternal peace. Never would I allow others to tell me that I was mistaken,

Endless Loop of Love

I suspect the first face of the Divine we see is the light in a parent's eyes. This was denied to our babies in the days of fatherless, sterile births.
 Y | 25 Apr 2014

What Women Don't Tell Each Other is the Truth

We now know that we must prepare our wombs to gestate a child in order to have the greatest chance of producing healthy progeny. What women don't tell each other, or anyone else, is the truth.
 Y | 27 Jan 2014

Shattering the Spirit

I knew when I had my first child that I was an unfit mother. I had been told all my life by the women who knew me best that I was unfit for anything.

Over 20,000 Children!!!

HHI just reached an astonishing tipping point, that is that HHI has now trained women who together are working with more than 20,000 children!