The Nightmare

I howled in agony I crawled for escape I wrecked for attention I was collapsed by the sight

Stop Violence

Oh my lovely Mom Don’t cry! Your love and care always will be with me Whatever I faced…………………? it was contribution of my society Because they did not protect me Did not planned for me

The Survivors

In pungent smoke of the constant wars and conflicts going on in every corner of the world, die millions of people including women and the innocent children.

Untitled verse, unbridled words

Disturbed, distressed, disgusted Is how I feel My stomach churns The body shivers I am nauseous With vivid memories When I read or hear Of sexual predators Do they feel like me?
mursal koshani

Women - Cultural Model

Women - Cultural Model I have tags of my price Jewelry, money, and clothes I show up in ceremonies To show off my dignified gender So I dress what their eyes can look


For the pain you bore Silently we weep For the clothes they tore When watch we didn't keep Dear beloved, friend, sister When your skin broke You perhaps did choke When your body hurt