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Economic Mobility Pathways Learning Network

The Economic Independence Exchange is a membership-based network of organizations learning about the Mobility Mentoring® model together. The network captures and shares back innovative ways in which members evolve and adapt the model and tools, sharing best practices to most efficiently support people in their journey to full economic independence.


 Whether it’s testifying at the UN or leading the local council, the seats of power are missing talented women. It’s time for a change. Since November 12, we’ve nominated over 1300 women. Together, we are changing this picture. VoteRunLead is hosting a second round of salon events to get a groundswell of diverse women in the seats of power. Let’s keep the momentum going!

HR Resources

Here, I am planning to share documents, processes & procedures which I am using & ddeveloping for my Organizations i.e. with Corporation & NGOs. So, that the other females who want to learn about HR, can use it to start a career in HR Also, they can improve their skillset in HR management & use it while starting their own organization / NGO / Community to handle people resources.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights is an amazing organization providing assitance to asylum seekers (in the U.S.), as well as providing education on topics ranging from Violence Against Women (see the link on their homepage to their Stop Violence Against Women project) to immigration, and many more. Though their on the ground assistance is mostly focused on the upper midwest of the United States, their online information and educational materials could be useful in many locales.

Wildlife & Wildlands Toolkit USA

This is a great website with some amazing resources about information regarding different eco-regions through the United States. Follow the resource link and select a region that you live in or the region of interest. From there you can gain additional information, teaching materials, introductory videos and more. 

Guide to the Public Health Field

Public Health Online, recently updated our online guide to careers in public health. The guide now includes more comprehensive details about the public health field, career prospects, and more. Core elements of this new free resource include: