Hello and Welcome to the Leadership Group!

My name is Dudziro, online community champion for this vibrant and global community.

I am so excited about this highly political position that will enable me to share my time, voice, aspirations and knowledge with feminists all over the globe. I feel proud to be part of the women working so hard to create a true community of practice with shared experiences and knowledge on transformative leadership and women’s economic empowerment.

Women’s empowerment cannot be complete without us claiming our fair share in the economy and leadership of this world. Yet at the same time no one will give us those freely until we stand up and champion the world on our own. As women our means to leadership and economic empowerment will always be progressive and non-violent, and as the world is busy setting up agendas for nuclear wars and terrorism to amass power and wealth, we will champion the world of knowledge for peaceful progress. With more women in influential leadership and decision making positions, and with more economically empowered women, conflicts will take new shapes and faces in in globe. Women will cease to be victims of violence, terrorism and trafficking because they will make informed decisions for their safety and security with ease.

My hope is to see women connecting with each other through this vibrant platform and building a whole movement for women’s leadership and economic empowerment. Are you interested in the financial health of yourself and your family, own a business or want to start one, are looking to acquire new skills, or want to drive economic development in your community or country? Do you want to accelerate your leadership journey, and that of other women?  Do you want to celebrate your success as a leader, and make your success viral to other women? I am glad to invite you to this transformative hub of ideas. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with you questions and ideas.


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