Why Become a Volunteer

Originally a beloved friend sent a donation to WorldPulse.com as a birthday gift to me. It was a wonderful gift to receive. For the next while, news holding stories from women all over the world popped up regularly on my computer. My trust that we really can and are able to change the world was deeply strengthened with the realisation that such connections were being made globally. My own awareness of the injustice toward women began early, as a young girl in the 1950's. Worldpulse showed me that longstanding dreams are coming true. One day I noticed a small box inviting volunteers. I jumped at the chance, and was so warmly welcomed. I am explaining all this to put into perspective the enormous difference that becoming a volunteer has made for me. I had been amazed at what I had been reading, but I was truly astounded at the inner workings of this network, when I became part of WorldPulse. Suddenly I had hundreds of stories made readily available for me to read...and respond! "The team" taught me, encouraged me, gently nudged good habits of finding a regular rhythm to respond, without becoming overwhelmed. There was an inner way to connect with other volunteers (much enhanced through this new group), and, most amazing of all, as I found my rhythm and as I settled in as a Volunteer, the reality of how powerful these connections are, began to really sink in for me. Within WorldPulse we finally have a vibrant Global Movement. We are in touch directly. We are becoming life long friends. I see photos and read stories of activist women meeting each other in person. And as I tell women in my life here in Canada about WorldPulse, it is due to the fact that I can relay real stories that I have read, and describe real relationships that are forming between us all, that women here are beginning to lose a sense of hopelessness, and are realising that we are creating this tremendous change. That a few words from me can support a sister who is the only one in her village creating change, that I can search under "Countries" and find the women active there, that I can post ideas and get heartfelt responses...We now have our own News Network! And we now have our arms firmly linked. This is what Volunteering has done for me. Those of us who have always believed that we are here to do this, are now finding each other. I am forever grateful to WorldPulse, and for the opportunity to be a Volunteer. For anyone reading this who is considering joining: Come on in, we are looking forward to meeting you.