Tips on Posting Constructive, Supportive Comments

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Thank you to Listeners Amymorros, Bitani, Edka, Vrclark, Adanna, LEPA, Kristina M, innerdelight, Odianina, and Coolasas for sharing your insights with us all!

  1. Personalize your comments. Use the writer’s name. This helps the writer feel acknowledged and heard, and as Adanna says, it feels like you’re “talking to a sister one on one.”

  2. Read through the existing comments before commenting on a post. You may relate to what others are saying and desire to continue with the conversation they have started.

  3. Relate the story to your own experience. It engages the author and encourages others to share their own experiences as well.

  4. When you share your own experience, be careful not to direct the attention away from the woman’s story. Always bring it back to her story and what she has shared.

  5. Read the story and then wait to respond. Take some time to think about it.

  6. When commenting on a post that is in a language you don’t understand and Google Translate doesn’t yield a helpful translation, you can look to others’ comments on the post. Oftentimes there are clues in these comments that will help you see what the writer’s story is about.

  7. Before commenting, do some research on the issue presented. Understand the why, the when, and other details.

  8. Ignore grammar and spelling errors and try to understand the story and hear the woman’s voice.

  9. Always encourage the women, even if you see grammar mistakes or think the writing isn’t very good. We not only speak different languages, but we also have social differences. What is “good” writing or storytelling is subjective. Value the voice, value the speaker and her story. Keep in mind that every voice is worthy and celebrate it.

  10. When someone presents an issue and is looking for answers, ask them what they think are possible solutions to the issue. Help them see that they are experts on their situation. This is empowering.

  11. Try to put yourself in the writer’s shoes. It takes a great deal of courage to share one’s story online. Acknowledge and honor that and try not to judge.

  12. Reflect back to the writer what they have said so that they know they have been heard. Validating someone’s voice is powerful. It is empowering to hear someone say, “I hear you. Keep going..”

  13. Address those elements within their story that you find most impactful.