Exploring The Power of Digital Technology
Exploring The Power of Digital Technology: A woman learning to use a laptop during a digital empowerment training session. (Source- Greengirl)

We want to hear from you: Need help posting?

You have done great by taking the first step to join the 'Leadership Group'. Of course, there is no doubt that each one of us have something to offer, towards advancing the cause and growth of the group. As members, we all have a stake. It is our group!

Sincere gratitude to members who are continuously contributing towards helping us build a truly supportive community of aspiring, emerging and experienced leaders. And for others who are gearing up to make their contributions, please be assured that we are all too eager to hear from and listen to you.  Bring them on, dearest friends and allies!

You  are welcome to tell us any and every thing that bothers on leadership issues in your life, local communities, country and globally.

To post to the group, kindly follow these steps:

  1. On the World Pulse home page, go to or click on My Pulse. On the drop down menu box that follows, you will see New Post, which is the second item.
  2. Click on 'New Post' and it will take you to a page that has this heading- 'Create Post' The third item which is 'POST TYPE' on that page gives you two options, that is, 'Journal' and 'Group' Click on 'Group'.
  3. Once you click on group, you will notice that the item under it will change from 'Post Privacy' to 'GROUP' The dialogue box right beside the word 'GROUP' gives an option that says "Select a group for this Post".
  4. Click on the arrow and then you will see a drop down menu box that gives you the following options: Economic Empowerment Group, Leadership group and World Pulse Volunteer Group.
  5. Select 'leadership group and then move on to post or write your article in the large box beside which the item that indicates 'BODY' is highlighted. I am sure that you can follow through with the remaining instructions/options that follow, as may be related or relevant to your post.

Like other members of our group, I really look forward to reading your post(s). Please feel free to reach out if you need further clarification or assistance