Children fetching water from the borehole.

Access To Clean Water Should be a Human Right

Water is the most precious natural resource known to man. Nine in ten ten people would choose water over electricity, simply because water is life. In Gamoi village of Vihiga County in Kenya exists a borehole that serves a population of around 300, which is an average of 50 households.

There is no hygienic mechanism of drawing the water from the borehole. Said borehole doesn't have a proper lid to keep out foreign objects from falling inside or being thrown in by children as young as 4 years old, who come to draw water for their daily use. It is also a hazard in itself as children can easily fall in while drawing water.

It becomes a health hazard especially when there's an outbreak of waterborne diseases because the bucket that they use to draw the water is used by everyone regardless of their hygienic situations. In no time at all, the small village gets infected by diseases that could have been prevented by observing strict hygiene practices.

Ignorance they say is no defence. The villagers 'treat' the water by throwing solid chlorine into the borehole, which is dangerous as the water doesn't have an outlet that would diffuse the concentration of this dangerous chemical.

The situation can only be remedied by installing an electric or manual water pump, which would completely seal the borehole, thus making the water safe to drink.