10 Indicators that You May be Co-Parenting with an Abuser!
10 Indicators that You May be Co-Parenting with an Abuser!: How many parents are co-parenting with abusive exes and don’t even know it—or maybe we do know, but can’t see a way out?

10 Indicators that You May be Co-Parenting with an Abuser!

Check it out, Elephant Journal online posted my latest article. I wrote this piece as a two part series inspired by my work and the beautiful sisters testifying at the Black Womens Blueprint Truth and Reconciliation Commission in NYC last April. Today, I dedicate this article to all the women and girls in World Pulse all over the world.

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In BOLD Rebirth DEE 

 Last month I listened to some women talk about how they were co-parenting with their abusers. 

It hit me hard.

Dressed in white, I held space with three other healers sending energy to the survivors’ shaking voice as they told stories of abuse and violence and what co-parenting looked like within that experience. My heart was in my chest wanting to jump out and I wanted to scream and say no you don’t. You don’t co-parent with your abuser.

The stories etched in my head were from survivors who were proud to say that they had gotten out of unhealthy (and often abusive) relationships. They’d claimed that they would never co-parent with them, or even offer the choice.

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