Treasure cooking bag, Made by our sisters in Sudan
Treasure cooking bag, Made by our sisters in Sudan: Treasur cooking bag training was facilitated by Sister Rachael, who travelled to Juba in Sudan to train abused women in June 2016

Making change with recycled Styrofoam

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My meeting with Styrofoam in 2012 was both life and environmentally transforming. I needed a material to make a bag for cooking food and I was introduced to recycled Styrofoam .

At first, it seems so unrealistic and impossible, but as time goes on, I realised that what can never be done by a woman can never be done at all, then nothing is impossible, so I started with a prototype.

The prototype was a succes and the rest, according to what people say, is history. We began together in Ijegun Egba waterside- Lagos, Nigeria and we have been able to introduce the methodology to more than hundred women in three countries.

Sourcing Styrofoam from Electronic shops, shredding the Styrofoam with kitchen/okra shredded and stuffing in ten different compartments cannot be compared with the advantages in using our Treasure cooking bag.

After bringing your food to boiling point, all you need to do is transfer the pot into the bag and tie the rope firmly. The bag will cook the food.

the bag works both for cooking food and keeping frozend food cold for 14 hours. It was labelled "a miracle" by Ibasa women, Yes, it performs mind boggling miracle and can help save the environment too.


Few Advantages of Treasure cooking bag

It reduces the amount of trees fell for firewood

It reduces the amount spent on kerosine or gas

it reduces the number of hours spent in the kitchen

it also reduces stress

Treasure cooking bag reduces repeated warming of food, since it keeps food hot for 6 hours

And so many more


Do you want to learn how to recycle Styrofoam?


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