Meet the World Pulse training team! and Get Started.

Dear changemakers,

It is with great pleasure that the World Pulse training team welcomes you to start your digital journey with us. We have already heard from dozens of women leaders from around the world, and we have been inspired and humbled by their stories and  courage shared in our global community by so many of you.

We want to share with you  more about ourselves and our journeys. It is incredible to hear how all of us in our own right are acting as leaders in our lives and communities. The training team is excited to act as facilitators and witnesses for your visions of change for women and girls around the world.

We will be with you during your entire engagement with the Digital Changemaking 101 and will make sure to support you in joining all of the leadership opportunities with World Pulse.

So who are we?

The Digital Changemaking 101 facilitators are Maya Muñoz-Tobón, World Pulse Digital Changemaking Academy Lead,  with the amazing support of Julie Zenterra, World Pulse Online Community Experience Manager. We come from different backgrounds and experiences as you all do, and our main goal is to support you in achieving your goals for this digital leadership path.

Learn more about us by clicking on the links below:

Maya Muñoz-Tobón. Julie Zenterra

Now your turn! Tell us more about yourself.

Make sure that your World Pulse profile is up to date and that you upload a picture of yourself or one that represents you. Visit the "My Pulse" tab from the home page and then select the "Profile" option and edit your information. You can use the questions below as a guideline to fill out your "About Me" and "My Vision for the Future" sections in your profile: 

  • Where do you come from? What can you tell us about your community?
  • What is a big challenge you are facing right now? What is an issue women face in your community that you would like to change?
  • What resources or skills do you need to continue successfully?
  • What is your vision for the future of women and girls in your community?  

We look forward to building a stronger network and community of women changemakers!

In partnership,

 Maya and the World Pulse team