Welcome to Advanced Digital Changemaking training!

Dear Change Leaders and Vision Mentors,

We are honored to be starting this journey with you, over the next three months and beyond! Together we will bring the change we want to see in our communities.

As you begin the course, remember where you can find important information, where you can connect with each other, and where you can submit your assignments: The Virtual Classroom. This group here on WorldPulse.com is the space where your training modules and assignments will be aggregated. It’s not a private space (all the posts made here are public and will show on the World Pulse homepage as well as in members’ MyPulse feeds), but only members of the group see all this material gathered together in this space. When you post your assignments, you’ll see an option to post them to this group. Be sure to select that option when you make your post so that your assignment can be included here and won’t be lost!

The Change Leader Manual:  This manual is your guide with everything you need to know about the Advanced Digital Changemaking Course. It includes the policies for participation and completion, key program dates, information about how to become an Impact Leader, and much more. Please refer to it often.  

The Advanced Digital Changemaking Facebook Group: This group is an informal and private space for Change Leaders, Mentors and World Pulse Staff to stay in touch. You can use the group to ask questions, get to know each other, share updates on your projects or what you are learning in the course, and more. This is your space. At World Pulse, we believe that one of the MOST valuable aspects of this course will be the connections you make with your fellow Change Leaders and Mentors. Please visit at least weekly to stay in touch. We think there are a lot of benefits to participating in the Facebook group. Even so, it is an optional enrichment activity and it is not required in order to complete the course or be considered for an Impact Leader position.  

The Live Calls: Change Leaders and the World Pulse Training Team will be gathering semi-weekly on Live Calls. These calls are very important opportunities to get to know one another, go into more depth with the training materials, ask questions and review assignments.  

Of course, throughout all of this, your Vision Mentor and the World Pulse Training Team are here to support you. You can reach the Training Team at training@worldpulse.com. Please contact your mentor or the training team early on if you have unanswered questions, concerns, or are facing challenges and need additional support.


Now, let’s get started. Let’s log on and rise up!



Maya & The Training Team