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US: Finding Refuge

When Aimee's life was in danger, she had a place to go to. Why doesn't everyone?

My heart goes out to all who are looking for refuge in the world. 

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AimeeKnight | US

In the middle of the night my son and I fled with nothing but the clothes we wore, away from a dangerous situation and towards an unknown future. In the patrol car, as we were escorted from one county border to another, I prayed for strength, guidance, and safety.

The intake process at the shelter was grueling; I was afraid and tired of the fear. If I left out the details we might not be admitted—and then where would we go? That night my mind was filled with worry about what the next day would bring. I fell asleep staring at mold on the ceiling, my thoughts drowned away by the sound of water dripping from a leak in the roof.

Fifteen years have passed. The kindness of strangers gave us a new home and a family. The grace of God has kept us safe and well. I served on the board of this shelter for eight years and together we raised more than enough funds for a new roof. There is an entirely new building providing safety and shelter to those seeking refuge.

My heart goes out to all who are looking for refuge in the world, whether they are fleeing the threats of one person or the violence and turmoil of a war. I pray that they find peace and safety and may the grace of God move the hearts of strangers to their aid.

The world needs us to see beyond borders. It is not a political question. It is not a religious issue. It is a human need. It is about grace, hope, and love.

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Thanks for sharing your story Aimee. The world definitely needs to see beyond borders. It is all about humanity.


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group) 

Aimee, your openness will encourage other women to share their fears and successes. Only when we are open, vulnerable, can change begin. Your story of your success now would fill a book. Thank you for sharing. I am proud to call you my friend. William

I am highly appreciated your story and I am supremely proud of you. Killers use words like honour to protect themselves from punishment. Words that are used to justify killing of women must be completely banned.

I love you as always.


I love your voice my sister!!

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