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What is the World Pulse Online Community?

The World Pulse Online Community is an inviting, authentic, and supportive web-based platform that any woman worldwide may use to speak out on issues that are important to her. Here, you'll find that your voice has great value. You will forge new and deep friendships and identify with a worldwide network for women and allies working for global change. We encourage you to share your own stories, dreams and solutions here. It is also a great place to access, request, or offer needed resources; share information about events; collaborate with others doing similar work; and build movements to accelerate your impact on the world. Please join us!

Are you looking for a World Pulse group?

We Have OPENED UP Our Groups. After working to develop groups on World Pulse, we found they actually created more separation than we wanted! Now, you don't have to join a separate group to engage on any one issue. Instead, we have opened up groups to the whole community so you don't have to join a separate group to participate on issues like economic empowerment, environment, etc! Head to My Pulse, where you can now follow and engage with all of the issues that matter most to you in one place!

What Does It Cost For Me to Join?

Absolutely nothing. World Pulse's online community is a free service, available to all who have interest and willingly abide by our Terms of Service.

Is World Pulse Offered in Different Languages?

Currently, World Pulse is offered primarily in English with the ability to translate using Google Translate. Use the Google Translate icon to the left of My Pulse to view content in any language you select!

Does World Pulse Offer Grants, Micro-loans or Other Types of Funding?

World Pulse is an open forum for communication and resource sharing. World Pulse does not provide direct funding or offer grants or loans. We aim to give you the tools to connect you with the people who do. Our goal is to create a website that helps you find and access the resources you need. If you have a financial need, we encourage you to post it in our Resources section!

Does World Pulse Offer Trainings?

In previous years, World Pulse has offered digital leadership trainings. We are currently streamlining our offerings and trainings such as Advanced Digital Changemaking (previously called Voices of Our Future) and Digital Changemaking 101 will not be available during this time. We will announce any new opportunities for training on and through our e-newsletter. Stay tuned!

What is World Pulse's Privacy Policy?

Our team is committed to protecting your need for privacy. We will not provide or sell information about you to any outside partners. To learn more about World Pulse's Privacy policy, go to:

Though we encourage transparency in online interactions, we understand that some users will want to keep their identity private. For this reason, we've created a flexible member profile that allows you to choose how much personal information you share with the community. You can use the site anonymously, of course, but be aware that the community is much more likely to respond to the needs of members who are known and trusted. If your privacy needs prevent you from finding the resource you need, you may contact us to find out how we can help.

Learn more about managing your profile for maximum security.

what are world pulse's terms of service?

At World Pulse we are dedicated to creating a community that is governed by integrity, authenticity and respect for all voices. Please click here to view our Terms of Service.

What is World Pulse's history?

World Pulse was founded by Jensine Larsen when she was a young freelance journalist traveling the world and hearing some of the most important stories rarely mentioned in mass media. She knew it was her calling to create a global media source where women could be the messengers of their own stories. In 2003, Jensine launched World Pulse as a nonprofit media organization in order to launch a bold and beautiful new magazine, one that would cut to the heart of global problems through the eyes of women and highlight solutions already underway.The premiere issue of World Pulse Magazine debuted in 2004. Thousands of individuals and grassroots organizations took notice. Newsstand sales were double the average for new publications and the magazine was nominated for "Best International Coverage" and "Best New Title" of 2004 and 2005 by the Independent Press Awards.In 2007, our eyes turned to the future of communications technology, and we began to pioneer the development of our online community to complement the print magazine. This allowed our readers to directly connect with the women in the published stories, and allowed more women to share their stories. Today, the World Pulse Online Community is an inviting, authentic, and supportive social platform that any woman worldwide may use to speak out on issues that are important to her.While the final issue of the print magazine was released in 2011, our editorial desk still publishes the best of community content through Story Awards.

How Do I Send Feedback/Ask Questions?

Do you have questions or ideas about new ways to network and share information on World Pulse? Contact us!

How do I Change my Username?

At this moment there is not a way for you to personally change your username on World Pulse. To change your username, contact us with your current and desired new username and we will change it for you.

I Have Read a Journal Entry or Comment that I Find Threatening, Offensive or Harmful. What Should I do?

All World Pulse content can be reported as spam or inappropriate content by clicking the stop sign icon below each post or comment. An email alert will automatically be sent to World Pulse's administrators, who will determine the appropriate course of action. Examples of inappropriate content are commercial advertising, threats, offensive language, or "spam".

Don’t worry if you report spam by accident, you can “Undo” by simply clicking the stop sign icon again.

Note: Copyright violations fall outside the "inappropriate" category and should not be flagged for our administrators. Instead, gently point out the mistake in a comment or email so that the user has the opportunity to revise their post.

how can i stay safe online?

Raising your voice about issues important to you is vital. However, writing about politically-charged issues or asking tough questions can also put you at risk for intimidation, surveillance, or physical violence.

Please refer to our Safety and Security Toolkit for information and resources to help you take steps to protect your safety, without compromising your bold voice.

How can I or my organization be published on World Pulse?

At World Pulse, anyone can be self-published by posting to your journal. Visit our Story Awards page to learn how your story can reach an even wider audience through the World Pulse Story Awards program.