Special Video Message from World Pulse Founder and Board Member

It's almost here! In a few days, we're preparing to release a new WorldPulse.com to better support your voice and leadership. Watch World Pulse Founder and CEO Jensine Larsen alongside World Pulse Community Leader and Board Member Stella Paul speak to you about the new capabilities we can expect! We can't wait to welcome you. It is your voices that will power World Pulse into the future. Please watch the video and then read on for more detail.

We Invite You to Explore the Changes

Keep watch on your email inbox - as soon as the site is live we'll be sending you a list of the very first things we encourage you to do on the new WorldPulse.com! As Jensine mentions in the video, some of those things include looking over your community profile, checking out and joining one of our new groups, and much much more to introduce you to our "newly rearranged home."

New Capabilities

The new site is designed to support more voices and more collaboration to solve global challenges together. It will feature:

  • Faster website page loading for low bandwidth users.
  • A mobile-friendly interface on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Improved multimedia that make your journals stand out with video, audio and better image presentation.
  • New topic pages and groups to enable you to lead and collaborate around the issues that matter to you. More topics will be rolled out over time.
  • A French, Multi-Lingual Website. Although we'll still have Google Translate in 50+ languages, we will also be rolling out a French version of the site. We're starting with French navigation and system messages. We rely on Community Translators to translate community posts, so we ask for your patience as we take the time to accurately translate all your incredible writing and content.

And that's just the beginning! We want to hear from you as well be improving the site over the coming year and making new changes. Note: WorldPulse.com Unavailable Wednesday, January 21 for Site Transition Moving Day is almost here! As with all moves, there will be a transition period from the current website to the new one where WorldPulse.com will be unavailable. Click here to view when this transition will be occuring in your local time.

Diane DeVillers
Jan 20, 2015
Jan 20, 2015

I just love worldpulse and lately i have been getting responses to my blogs and gettting more women to follow me. I do lots of blogging and see many women around the world are connecting. This is such a worthwhile site, it was good to see your face, the founder of worldpulse. I am honored to be a part of worldpulse, and live near Portland the place worldpulse started, i haven't been able to get up there for the last two conferences, but watched the webinars and speakers. Thanks for help empower women and girls, the feminization of the world is what we are interested in, the kinder, softer, more intuitive sex will change the world, the more organized we become, the more women we elect to high office will make this happen. Check out of few of my journal posts. I also blog about my published book "The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers aka girlpower. It's a fictionalized memoir about my life and starts out when i first moved to Oregon to work as a timber cruiser in eastern Oregon's Wallowa Mts, where i camped with a group of mismatched foresters by the Coyote springs. in From the Waters of Coyote Springs" the paperback book has three books, the second is Felix and Eve about when i was a caregiver for an elderly man who used to tell me stories of the good ole days when he worked for Al Capone the notorious gangster in Chicago. The third book "The Arrangement" is about the now retired baby boomer who lives in Eugene, and he gardener Vinnie lives in her back yard in a yurt. He caretakes their vegetable gardens and flower gardens while she every year visits an old friend in Catalina Island who has Multiple Sclerosis. Vinnie is in love with Eve but remains silent. I have MS so i thought i would work it into the story, after 35 yrs in service to people with disabilities to only get MS and become disabled myself. But its the best thing that happened to me, i found my journals from the eighties and started reading them and said "This is great, it would make a good book", if i wouldn't have gotten MS i never would have had time to write my books. Check out my amazon.com author page. Thanks for your developing this worthwhile site, i get all kinds of responses from people all over the world, and a few USA women to boot. It's so important that women feel supported.

Jan 25, 2015
Jan 25, 2015

I feel at home thank you

Mauwa Brigitte
Mar 13, 2015
Mar 13, 2015

Thank so much

Hilaire Murhula
Oct 30, 2017
Oct 30, 2017