You Spoke, We Heard! PulseWire Survey Report

In January we closed our second annual online community survey and the results are in!

We thank the many of you who took the time to share your feedback, ideas, hopes, and frustrations with us. Your valuable input is helping World Pulse grow to better support your voice and the voices of our wider community. At the end of this report you can find our key learnings and how we intend to better serve your needs.

Still have questions or feedback after reading the report?

World Pulse founder and CEO Jensine Larsen will be holding global office hours August 6th (7pm-10pm, Pacific Time) and August 7th (7am-10am, Pacific Time). She will be hosting five to ten minute private chats via Skype, Twitter, or Gmail Chat. This is your opportunity to share your ideas, concerns, and visions for the future of the World Pulse community with the woman who started it all! Connect with Jensine on PulseWire to set up a time to connect, or leave a comment below to request a meeting.

The Survey

Four percent of our online community responded to our survey from 68 countries, providing key insights into how to improve our website to be more user-friendly, low-bandwidth accessible, private and secure, and better cultivate the leadership and impact of community members.

Online Community DemographicsOur online community members are predominantly young women from around the world who consider themselves leaders in their communities. They are engaged and ambitious women who aspire to change their communities for the better. Many consider themselves to be part of a minority group, and some identify as disabled. Most became members to join and connect with a global network for women’s empowerment or to learn about global women’s issues and solutions.

Key Findings: Our community is:

  • Mostly Women: 94% female
  • Full of leaders: 70% consider themselves leaders in their community.
  • Mostly young adults, with the largest age demographics being 31-40 (18.2%) and 25-30 (18%).
  • Highly diverse: 21.8% identified themselves as a member of a minority group, on account of their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, etc.
  • Working for social change: the most common profession was non-profit/social work, at 21.8%, with students being the second most popular, at 10.2%.
  • 53% joined World Pulse to connect with a global network for women’s empowerment, 31% to learn about women’s issues and movements for gender equality, 6% to have a voice and share their story, and 2% to participate in the Voices of Our Future citizen journalism training program.
  • Survey respondents represent 68 countries, with North America, South Asia, and East Africa most highly represented.

Accessing the Internet and Using PulseWire

Access to the Internet (bandwidth, device, or affordability) remains a challenge for many, impeding their ability to benefit from and share our website. Most survey respondents access the internet from home or work, and use it predominantly for email correspondence, social networking, and research. The most common device used is a laptop computer, followed by a desktop computer, and then internet cafe.

"In Kashmir, internet is so cheap through mobile phones, through easy mode of recharging our mobile phones; internet is not so expensive, unlike broadband or through different ports. So yes, I totally agree that the mobile version of sites make it more easy for users like me to have access. In Kashmir, we have so many power cuts and as it is a hilly region so we have more chilly winters, thus reliability on power is not so good. So mobile version of World Pulse will definitely help me to use." —Aliya (Kashmir)

Key Findings:

  • The greatest challenges respondents have using our website is: confusing navigation (29%) and information overload (28%).
  • 30% of respondents said they had no trouble using the website.
  • 36% would use the site more often if could be accessed by mobile phone.

Growing Our Community

When asked why they joined our community, the most popular choice in the survey was an interest in joining a global network for women’s empowerment, followed by an interest in learning more about women’s issues.

Key Findings:

  • 42% of our community have invited others to join the community.

How World Pulse Impacts Women’s Lives Around the World

Survey respondents resoundingly confirmed that World Pulse is successfully uplifting women’s lives around the world and enabling them to be empowered by others. The top recurring themes were: increased confidence from receiving positive feedback in the community, and a sense of increased inspiration from reading others’ stories. Nearly 60% of respondents said that they were inspired to take action to create change in her family, community, or nation.

“...When I write, the World Pulse community not only listens to me but also encourages me—especially with the comments we get. Reading the articles in this site makes me point out the problems of my society and think to solve it with courage which the World Pulse woman does.” —Rabia (Afghanistan)

“Now I have mothers and sisters on World Pulse." —Olutosin (Nigeria)

Only 4.5% replied that they had not been affected in any of the ways listed, and some of that 4.5% remarked that they were new to the community and hadn’t had the opportunity just yet.

“I've always wanted to do my part to make the world a better place for all. Being part of World Pulse and reading all the courageous things that women elsewhere are doing has motivated me to up my level of commitment and contribution. It also helped me to crystallize my vision of what I'm up to in this life. It's a wonderful organization!” —Ruth (USA)

“Being a part of World Pulse has impacted my life by giving me confidence to start writing on issues that matter to me and my community. The activities for the Voices of Our Future training challenge [application] have reinforced my desire to write. I have also gained more confidence in improving my digital knowledge because it is vital to my development, on a personal and community level.” —Farida (Uganda)

“Being a 'listener' in the Voices of the Future program made me more aware of the amazing work women have been able to achieve on the micro level. This has inspired me to reflect more on what I'm doing in my own community and I hope soon to begin working on a meal-sharing project in my city.” —Amy (Canada)

“World Pulse is a platform for me to open my brain and heart and speak loudest to the whole world, to me. It is most important that my works and that of my organization are spread so as to make an impact on other people's lives.” —Vera (Kenya)

Our Key Learnings and Next Steps

  • Challenges Using World Many of you voiced challenges navigating and accessing World Pulse. We recognize it is critical to improve the website to make it easier for you to use and navigate to make the connections that you desire. Based on your feedback here are some of the key priorities in our technology plan.
    • Access: We are developing a low-bandwidth, mobile accessible version of the website, and planning additional mobile integration features.
    • Navigation: We are developing an improved and simplified navigation experience.
    • Language: In the past year, we have improved the Google Translator feature (found at the top, center of each page of our website) to be easier to use and include more languages, and have produced the Getting Started Guide in French. In the coming years we plan to enable the translation of World Pulse into more languages.
    • Privacy: We are planning additional privacy options, including a revised terms of service to continue to protect our members and their writing, while making it easier for media sources to pick up our member’s stories and alert the world of their powerful voices and pressing issues.
    • Growth: We are planning a feature that will make it easier for you to invite your friends to join our community!
    These are just a few of our many priorities in our three year plan and we will be developing these features as quickly as World Pulse resources allow.
  • We learned that our community is full of leaders driving change in their communities. You are hungry to grow your leadership and impact! You want to be connected to opportunities and your voice to be heard.For this reason we are planning to:
    • Increase Leadership and Engagement Opportunities: We have recently rolled out an exciting Community Leadership Program, visible through badges, where we enable you to be identified as a leader and expert and lead our community’s culture, growth, and development.
    • Topic Hub Pages: We are developing issue-based hub pages that will make it easy for you to find information, opportunities, training and resources, and connect around specific themes such as the environment or financial empowerment.
    • Raising the Volume on Your Voices: We are increasing partnerships with influential forums and media outlets to channel your testimonies and solutions from our campaigns and your stories from your journals to influence the global public and decision-makers.

Here at World Pulse, we are continuously striving to connect you, our grassroots change leaders, with the opportunities and resources you need to achieve your vision. Don’t forget to share with us (the staff and the community as a whole) what your goals, accomplishments, challenges, and needs are so we can celebrate and help. You don’t have to wait until the next survey!


Thank you for speaking up and providing input in our annual survey! Remember, you can share your feedback with us anytime by simply contacting us. We have listened carefully to your suggestions, ideas, and experiences, and now we are putting into motion the plans to act on them.

Stay engaged in our community to see new features, improvements, and programs designed and launched to empower you as a grassroots leader, and spread your impact throughout the world.

Thank you for being such a valued member of our community!


Scott Beck and the World Pulse team

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Breese McIlvaine
Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012

It's great to see this finally released! I hope the community feels hear and finds it helpful, and I look forward to seeing the new features rolled out.

All the best, Breese

Jacqueline Patiño
Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012

It is awesome to know that World Pulse is always leading the voice of women around the world. Let us rejoice!

Sangeeta Shrestha
Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012

it's really great to read all information

Kat Haber
Aug 02, 2012
Aug 02, 2012

Hi WP Team,

Your listening will ensure that you learn what is needed by the community you work so hard to create and inform. Thanks for your efforts! In bridging communities would using visual cues to clue us readers into what is needed: infographics, animations, graphic recordings work?

Jensine Larsen
Aug 06, 2012
Aug 06, 2012

Hi Kat! thank for your comments here. You have been an incredible light for our community - thank you!! I love that you bring up infographics. Yes! We are building into our plans more audio, video, and visual information sharing to help us connect even more strongly and bridge across cultures and communities. Some of these features will take a little more time, but we have our eyes on the prize!!


Aug 13, 2012
Aug 13, 2012

Thank you so much for keeping track on our progress and sharing about that.

Best Regards


Aug 27, 2012
Aug 27, 2012

it is not easy to sustain as a network or as a group for a longer period especially when people are holding different ideas and come from different ethnic and national backgrounds, cultures including.

i can see how committed you are towards your aims, hopes and achieving your objectives. i guess i have many things to learn from world pulse. one can learn from anyone if there is something to be seen good for the world society and for the benefit of the human beings.

i like to take the issues discuss here in the world pulse network/ community as something that are not only limited to women but common ( most of the issues discuss here) to whole big component called 'human beings'

if you discuss the issues that men too face the results of such things ( good) will ease the issues that women face in the home front. husbands without issues in related to work/personal will directly or indirectly affects the whole community. finally the whole society will benefit from the results. that is one of the ways that women can find some peace of mind within the unit called 'family'. a mind without issues is always a happy mind. this happiness will bring calmness and peace and harmony not only in to relationships and families to the whole world that will add some weight to sustainability of world peace process as well. this is my personal view.

and thank you worldpulse for providing me a stage to express my views to the world that you are always connected with.

Ma. Guzman-Callano
Sep 02, 2012
Sep 02, 2012

I congratulate Jensine, Scott and others who took courage and rocked their brains to connect like-minded women across the globe and tackle issues that impinge especially on women. As I express my awe and admiration, I also feel grateful to them for making me part of this initiative.

Since gender issues are not exclusive to women (for men are part of women's issues in the first place), I hope that more men other than Scott are involved in this initiative. Yes, women must be given considerable space and time to speak out but to have a balanced view of issues, it would be sensible to get the male perspective. This is just an opinion though.

Again, kudos and more power to World Pulse!

Lovely Smith
Sep 03, 2012
Sep 03, 2012

Thank you for sharing this full detailed post. It is really nice to get updated.

Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012

Kudos to the unrelenting, astute and innovative drivers of World Pulse. I am proud and glad to be a member of the World Pulse family.

Though I can't recall if I responded to the Survey, I am thrilled about its out come; as well as all that is in the pipeline towards making World Pulse greater and better.

Over time, World Pulse has helped my speaking voice and interests in sharing and learning to evolve. I am also of the firm opinion that same story goes for many a woman who are a part of the World Pulse family. I say this without any flattery or interest in scoring and cheap point.

I am encouraged to tag along.



sanjay dixit
Nov 06, 2012
Nov 06, 2012

Men are eternal Boys and Women their Mothers. Lets work hand in hand for resolving problems. Mr Sanjay Dixit,Mumbai,India