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WWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign

Read Women's Global Recommendations on Digital Access, Digital Literacy, and Digital Empowerment

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Welcome: We are excited to share this powerful set of recommendations with you, designed totransform the technology industry and ensure that women worldwide have equal access to digital tools, digital literacy, and the empowerment that can come from being globally connected online.

We hope that you—whether you are a single individual or part of a large organization—can take the actionable steps outlined in this report to better serve women and communities around the world.

Read the WWW: Women Weave the Web Recommendations now.


Together we can digitally empower women worldwide!

With these recommendations, we wish to:

  • Build awareness of the benefits and challenges to empowering womenworldwide through digital technology.
  • Persuade individuals and organizations to develop products and policies thatensure women are included in today’s digital world.
  • Amplify women’s voices and solutions from around the world.

For the next week, 17-23 November, we will be sharing key recommendations out via social media, and we invite you to join us by re-sharing our content on Facebook and Twitter! There is also a social media toolkit with social media-ready images you can use to follow along with our campaign.

About the WWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign

Throughout 2014, World Pulse crowdsourced the wisdom and testimonies of grassroots women leaders around the world on digital inclusion and empowerment via itsWWW: Women Weave the Web Campaign. This campaign was one of World Pulse's strongest campaigns in history, with hundreds of incredible stories, testimonies, and solutions submitted by our online community.Our findings were distilled from aggregation and highly sensitive, cross-cultural analysis of the submissions we received. We are proud that these recommendations highlight solutions to global problems while maintaining the integrity of your voices and experiences. It is the voices of women everywhere that produce these recommendations!World Pulse has already delivered several recommendations from its findings to key forums and decision-makers, including Twitter and the Internet Governance Forum. Women Weave the Web partners are also receiving the report—along with specific findings for their key areas—and distributing these recommendations out via their networks.

Read more about the campaign and view all campaign submissions here.

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