FAQ: World Pulse Ambassador

We are leaders lifting up the voices of women in our community

What is the World Pulse Ambassador Program?

The World Pulse Ambassador Program is an advanced leadership opportunity for active and engaged World Pulse members who aspire to unleash women’s voices globally. Ambassadors introduce women in their communities to World Pulse and help them know that this is their safe space online to tell their stories, connect to a global sisterhood, and create the change they hope to see in their communities.

World Pulse Ambassadors 1) share information about how to use World Pulse to create change, 2) lead digital empowerment trainings, and 3) help connect their communities to the World Pulse global sisterhood.

Who is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is an active World Pulse member who has benefited from connecting across borders and speaking out on World Pulse. She has the ability and passion to conduct outreach and trainings in her community; believes that World Pulse is a positive, safe platform for women to connect and grow their leadership, and, with training materials and guidance from World Pulse, helps women in her community to speak out, network, and collaborate through World Pulse.

What are the qualities of an Ambassador?

An ambassador is a vocal contributor on World Pulse who regularly encourages her sisters through supportive comments and messages and has demonstrated leadership abilities in her community. She is aware of World Pulse’s values and programs and possesses the skills and technology needed to digitally empower her community. She believes in the power of women’s voices and wishes to help grow a movement of women speaking out and connecting to change the world.

How can I become an Ambassador?

In 2019, World Pulse members who have achieved Vocal Contributor, Featured Storyteller, or Featured Changemaker badges, along with the badges awarded in World Pulse’s previous leadership programs (Advanced Digital Changemaker, Community Mentor, Impact Leader, or Voices of our Future), can apply to become Ambassadors during two open application periods. We will select Ambassadors based on the following criteria:
Activity on World Pulse website.
Ability to conduct training events and presentations either in person or online.
Fluency in social media and online engagement.
Leadership in their community.

When is the application period in 2019?

In 2019, candidates can apply to join the Ambassador Program between February 14 and February 27, 2019. The first orientation session for successful applicants will take place on February 28, 2019.

An additional opportunity to apply in the latter half of the year will be announced in August or September 2019.

What is the benefit of becoming a World Pulse Ambassador?

As a World Pulse Ambassador, you will receive

A) online training to help women tell their stories, grow their leadership, and create more impact;
B) a specially designed toolkit to conduct digital empowerment trainings and introduce World Pulse to women in your community;
C) a printable, customized Ambassador ID card, naming you as a World Pulse Ambassador in your country;
D) visibility of your work and impact on WorldPulse.com and in our social media outlets, and
E) an official Ambassador certificate awarded by World Pulse, upon successful completion.

Do Ambassadors receive financial compensation?

The Ambassador role is not a paid position or staff role. It is a voluntary community leadership opportunity that will give you tools to grow your leadership; make an impact in your community, and gain valuable skills and experience that can help you unlock new opportunities in your community and in the world.

Are there additional benefits to being an Ambassador?

Over time, the Ambassador program will evolve to include additional benefits and rewards. As a 2019 Ambassador, you can help shape the future of this program! We'll be listening to you as you embark on this journey with us, and you will help us to determine future incentives and benefits, such as speaking opportunities, grant application opportunities, fellowship opportunities, leadership courses, etc.

What is required of World Pulse Ambassadors?

World Pulse Ambassadors agree to:

Conduct trainings in your community to introduce World Pulse and digital technology to those who can benefit from connecting and sharing on the World Pulse website.

Regularly share updates about your training and outreach work on World Pulse though story posts and through active, encouraging comments.

Attend at least 2-3 Ambassador Summit calls via video conferencing over the six month period.

Give advice and feedback on the program to World Pulse staff.

Do I have to be a woman to participate?

We appreciate and admire everyone who works to lift up the voices of women and girls in their community. We are hopeful that in the future we can have a group of men World Pulse Ambassadors, but for these initial stages we are working hard to give this leadership opportunity to women and non-binary leaders. We value your support and encouragement of the women and girls on World Pulse.

How long is the Ambassador commitment?

World Pulse Ambassadors are asked to make a six month commitment, initially. Of course, this commitment can be renewed for future terms, if desired. We hope this is the beginning of a lifelong journey with you as an Ambassador of World Pulse.

Can an Ambassador participate in other World Pulse programs?

Yes! Ambassadors are encouraged to regularly share stories on World Pulse, encourage new members, and participate in future offerings.

I’m ready to apply. What do I do next?

World Pulse will announce another opportunity to apply to become a World Pulse Ambassador in mid 2019. This opportunity will be open to World Pulse members who have achieved Vocal Contributor, Featured Storyteller, or Featured Changemaker badges, along with the badges awarded in World Pulse’s previous leadership programs (Advanced Digital Changemaker, Community Mentor, Impact Leader, or Voices of our Future). You can be sure you are eligible by regularly contributing stories to World Pulse. To become a Vocal Contributor, you must share at least three stories over a four month period.


The World Pulse Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity. Ambassadors will not have authority to commit to any kind of contract or written agreement in the name of World Pulse or on behalf of World Pulse. This program is not intended nor shall be construed for any purpose as creating the relation of employer and employee. The views and opinions expressed by World Pulse Ambassadors do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of World Pulse.