Women and girls need digital skills to shape the future of the world.

Our digital changemaker training programs provide women yearning to be heard with the skills to globally promote their voices for change, build online movements, and train more women and girls to do the same in their communities. Our programs include:

  • How to use social media tools for online and offline movement-building on the issues you care about
  • Multimedia storytelling and the principles of citizen journalism
  • Online safety and security
  • Self-care and resilience online and offline
  • How to train other women and girls in digital empowerment in your community

Our graduates become impactful multiplier leaders that lift up their communities: outspoken, networked and powerful.


Words from World Pulse Digital Changemaker Academy Graduates

"I was a simple village girl always shy to write anything on social media, although my heart was full of women’s issues. When I joined World Pulse, I was taught to write what was in my heart and received appreciation and recognition. Now, I have grown my free school for girls and do digital training. I share women’s stories with the world and I have self confidence."

Sister Zeph, Pakistan

"World Pulse let my voice be heard — and those around me — with opportunity, education and motivation. If we do not speak up for ourselves no one will know that we even exist."

Duda, Serbia

Want to learn more about our training programs?

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You can also connect with our graduates here and download our Digital Empowerment Trainer’s Toolkit guide from our past courses to use in your community.