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I think my best value is Collaboration

Yllang Montenegro
Posted July 23, 2017 from Philippines
#ETA postcards
paintings turned into Postcards, prints donated to Batis-AWARE

Vital Voices - Batis AWARE –World Pulse

I am grateful and honored to be part of VV lead , it’s a vital voices program, empowering social entrepreneurs and women leaders from profit and non profit organizations.

June 5th – 9th 2017, as a representative and leader of Batis AWARE, I was invited to be part of VVlead program and took the chance to showcase #ETA or #empowermentthoughArt all the way from Manila Philippines to South Africa,

Same as what I usually do here in Philippines, I displayed BA products, artworks and also collected artworks from artists who donated their prints for ETA’s fund raising campaign for Batis AWARE. How amazing people donated their prints for a cause, I was surprised when I asked for crowdsourcing and funding for painting turned into post cards, which I learned from ADC, The riffle effect is unstoppable. Friends, families, people who loved art and advocacy for migrant women and children are undeniably amazing, I thank everyone who supported Batis-AWARE and Empowerment Through Art.

It was an amazing experience, my feelings was indescribable, chills when I met this fifty extraordinary women from all over the globe, who are doing different things but has same mission, similarly with what I learned from Advance Digital Change making training last January up to April this year here in World Pulse. I brought all the learning's from WP and the Empowerment Through Art in South Africa. This experience made me see a bigger picture on saving the world. I saw how powerful arewomen in solidarity, who hasthe same mission, CHANGING THE WORLD INTO A BETTER PLACE .

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Jul 25, 2017
Jul 25, 2017

Dear Cecille, 

What an great idea collaborative work and raising the voice of voiceless through art. Definitely as you said women are more powerful and unstoppable when in solidarity. Keep your good work and inspiring people.

Best regards, anjana

Aramide Oikelome
Jul 29, 2017
Jul 29, 2017

Congratulations Cecille,

I concur that there is so much power and strength when women unite on a given course. The synergy is simple amazing and soul lifting. Together we can do much more.

Keep Soaring! Together we can and we will.

In Sisterhood!