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ETA Exhibit 2018

Yllang Montenegro
Posted February 22, 2018 from Philippines
Karidad is a victim-survivor, she heals herself and others through ART.

Empowerment Through Art (ETA) is an awareness campaign for women, children and for aspiring artists It gives art workshop and art therapy for distressed women victim-survivors of all forms of human rights violations, especially the migrant women workers all over the world.

Personally, Painting is my meditation, diary, and my main weapon in amplifying women’s voice. I use my imagination and creativity using social artistry to create impact and be a voice for the voiceless women in our society.

I also create artwork’s out of frustration that I am poor and lack knowledge in painting. Because of this, I want to improve my craft so that I can also teach low-income people who cannot go to art school but have the talent and creativity. This is my way of helping them find their voice so that they can raise awareness for the problems affecting them, especially women and children from poor communities.

This coming March 2018, as we celebrate WOMEN’S month, I am humbly grateful for the opportunity of collaboration withIgnition Venture Studio, they open their door for EMPOWERMENT THOUGH ART EXHIBIT.

Ignition Venture Studio is a nation-building enterprise which aims to empower entrepreneur. They provides business support services that allow individuals to focus on executing their innovative ideas. Ignition Venture Studio is located at 22F Marajo Tower, 26th St. Cor 4th Ave. BGC, Taguig City.

I am leading a group of 6 artists who will share their artworksin the EMPOWERMENT THROUGH ART Exhibit. 50% of the sales will be given to Batis AWARE and Batis YOGHI. Batis AWARE (Association of Women in Action for Rights and Empowerment) grass root organization composed of returned migrant women workers, where I, myself had experienced and saw women and children suffer from everyday life. Currently I am one of the leaders and president of the organization working in voluntary capacity. BATIS YOGHI (Youth Organization that Gives Hope and Inspiration) is an independent youth organization composed of children of migrants, mostly are transnational children. These two organization are our charity benefactor of the said event.


  1. Anthony Lizano Jandusay
  2. Jonalyn Delos Reyes
  3. Nova Hershey Mariposque
  4. Riza Zuniga
  5. Wenzell Alibin
  6. Yllang Montenegro

We need your help and support to make the opening exhibit possible (tentative schedule is on March 31, 2018).

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Anando Ghosh
Feb 24, 2018
Feb 24, 2018

Art is a wonderful medium for campaigning and healing! I wish you success in all your endeavours!!

Souhir Ben Mohamed
Feb 25, 2018
Feb 25, 2018

You are doing a great job! Art is a very pure way to heal people's pain, I eish the best of luck!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Feb 25, 2018
Feb 25, 2018

This is such a creative way of expression.  You are doing such a great job and we are very proud of you.  Continue to express your views through art.  Stay blessed 

Colleen Abdoulah
May 30, 2018
May 30, 2018

how did your exhibit go in March? I hope it was a smashing success. GOOD for you to use your artistic gifts and talents to help bring out the best in others and assist with healing. Your compassionate efforts will make a difference. Blessings to you,