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About Me

I am a woman in middle age. This is my story. It reads like fiction, yet it's all true. I hope that releasing my truth to the world will help a young woman make better decisions.

Life gave me many warning signs, which I failed to heed. I was young, naive, and believed that most people were good and would behave as I would.

When a young woman approaches the world thinking only of the best and expecting the best, that's not always what we get back. There are those who mistake kindness for weakness and seek to exploit our generosity.

It is said the truth will set you free. I am weary of being mischaracterized, misunderstood, and run rough-shod by those who don't hold the same values.

The time has come for me to use the hard-won wisdom to reclaim my life and destiny. It starts with confronting the truth in all its harsh reality.

"Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you." -- (Hafiz of Persia 14th-Century Persian Poet)

My Vision

I support all girls and women in the world. My hope is that we realize our worth as young as possible and to act upon that self-knowledge.

The world can too often be a harsh place. There are both political and personal constraints holding us back.

We must know what we deserve and -- more importantly -- what we shouldn't tolerate.


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