The Current situation of Pakistan

Posted July 6, 2020 from Pakistan

The Current situation of Pakistan

 Corona virus(Covid-19)

 The corona virus pandemic has caused huge destruction worldwide more than a million of people has lost their lives and the virus has also made a worst impact on the economy. When the virus started spreading the Pakistani government had started taking steps at the airports such as thermal scanning. The first case of corona virus was reported on 26 February, the patient had a recent travel history from Iran. On 13 of March in a meeting it was decided to close all the educational institutes, banquet halls and a ban was imposed on all kinds of functional gatherings . On 18 March cases were reported in all the provinces of Pakistan. On 24 of March Sindh and Balochistan provincial government imposed lockdown in there provinces. The nationwide lockdown was declare on 1 April by the order of the PM Imran Khan. The federal government had predicted that if people didn't follow the precautionary measures the cases will reach 50,000 by the end of May but it reached 13,000. As Pakistan's one-fourth  population consist of daily wagers so it seems difficult to keep the lockdown for long time so the lockdown was lifted on 9 May. After this decision, the corona virus grew rapidly in Pakistan people violated the strict SOPs which were provided by the government and all the shopping malls and bazaars were open due to Eid-ul-Fitr. On Eid people met each other and didn't follow the precautionary measures so by the 8 of June corona virus cases in Pakistan crossed "one hundred thousand". The corona virus cases grew day by day as the situation seemed uncontrollable so on 18 June PM Imran Khan announced that there will be smart lockdown in all Pakistan and those areas which are highly affected will be completely lockdown. The strategy of smart lockdown has produced positive results there has been a shortage in the number of cases and deaths till now there are two hundred and twenty-eight thousands confirmed cases in Pakistan and  more than forty-seven hundred people have lost their lives. Not only the government should play its role it is the duty of every single citizen to play its  own role by following the strict SOPs.

Political disputes in PTI(Pakistan-Tehreek-Insaaf)

          In August 2020 the 2 years of PTI will be completed. From the very start PM Imran Khan had been making changes in his cabinet. In a recent interview Fawad Chaudhry said that there had been "internal fighting" between Jehangir Tareem, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Asad Umar ever since PTI came into the office and has weaken the party, the political class got ruled out and the space was filled by bureaucrats those who did not belong to the party, through this PM Imran Khan was unable to deliver as he wished too. Fawad Chaudhry said that  Imran khan is the symbolic reason due to which all party members are united, according to him the one who gave the idea to PM Imran khan to choose inexperienced people in his team has weaken Imran khan's team.

          After Fawad Chaudhrys' interview in the next cabinet meeting both ministers Asad Umar and Shah Mahmood Qureshi asked for the explanation of the statements which were against them. In the response one of the minster Faisal Vawda said that a minister is not allowed to give any explanation to any other minster, we are only allowed to give the  explanation to the Prime Minster. Faisal Vawda also said to PM Imran Khan that some of your team members are planning against you. In response PM Imran Khan said that I'm aware of those who are planning against me. 

          Asad Umar and Shah Mahmood Qureshi  are those who are close to PM Imran Khan and those who have forced Imran khan to start the inquiry of Sugar Scandal against Jehangir Tareem to end his influence in PTI. As Jehangir Tareem can no longer can be any minister but he still give his view on decision. 

          Parvez Khattak currently the defense minister of Pakistan was previously the Chief Minister of KPK, he made many new policies which produced good results and in the next election PTI gain more votes than the previous election in the province. There had been some misunderstandings between Imran Khan and Parvez Khattak due to which Parvez Khattak was not able to become the CM of KPK once again. He is given importance only when negotiations are to be made with opposition.

          It all depends upon the Prime minister that how he works with his cabinet. The downfall of any government do not come due to the mistakes of the ministers but it comes due to the wrong decisions taken by the Prime Minister.

PIA Crisis

          The PIA Airbus A-320 aircraft, with 99 people on board, crashed in the model colony near Jinnah International Airport in Karachi on May 22 , killing 97 people. Two passengers miraculously survived. 


    The Senate Committee has recommended that the FIA office in Lahore

should examine if the engineering branch of the PIA at Lahore was being maintained as per the given international standards and how many times the small components of the aircraft involved in the accident had been made/repaired from local companies/workshops.

The Committee said it was felt that the maintenance system of aircraft had been deteriorating day by day and becoming irresponsible which was visibly noted over the past few tragic incidents.

"All aircraft of PIA should be retested, overhauled and the maintenance must be done by PIA and the certificates with responsibility be given before bringing the aircraft on the runway to avoid such incidents in future, following internationally acknowledged air safety rules to make Pakistani airspace safest for flying," it said.

          Recently the minister of aviation revealed that 282 out of 800 pilots are having fake license. This controversy gain a global attention after the federal minster for aviation Ghulam Sarwar Kahn IN the national assembly declared that 150 pilots are having fake license. The European Aviation safety strategy(ESSA) has ban PIA flights landing in Europe for 6 months. In the recent press conference the ministered cleared that 28 pilots are carrying fake license

          However these crisis can be successful for Pakistan as from now onwards the well trained pilots will be flying the planes. 

Written by: Abdul Moeez Mirza.





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Jul 06
Jul 06

Hello Abdulmiraza24 ,
How are you doing today?
Hope you are fine?
Welcome to worldpluse .
Congratulations on your first post . Thank you for sharing .
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Shameela Yoosuf Ali
Jul 07
Jul 07

Abdul Moeez Mirza.
Thank you for sharing 'The Current Situation of Pakistan'.

Hello, Abdul,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy that a new voice from Pakistan is rising up!

Thanks for sharing a glimpse on Pakistan. It's nice to know about similarities of some actions governments took with regard to COVID-19 and the politics in between.

I'm sorry about the crash. Pilots with fake licenses seem scary.

Please continue to keep writing!

Aug 11
Aug 11

Welcome to World Pulse Abdul!

Thank you for sharing with us update on the current situation in Pakistan as it regards Coronavirus.

Stay safe.