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About Me

I'm a writer by profession, a stay at home mom by choice and a south paw by rigid determination (just ask my kinder garden teacher who tried to make me right handed:) ). I've spent most of my life in the Middle East though I'm very proud to be an Indian. I'd like to see more women giving each other the dignity we deserve. We often put each other down and are quick to point the finger of blame on men for doing likewise.

www.abigailmathias.blogspot.com Literature, cinema, music, good food and travel give me the biggest thrills in life Learning Arabic, which I want to do very soon Writing, editing, research

My Vision

Where women won't put each other down for the choices we make. I hate it when working women put down those who choose to raise their children themselves or when stay at home moms look at working women with disdain. Lets accept that both are tough choices.