You Tube interview with AC d'Adesky on WE-ACTx's work in Rwanda

Posted October 3, 2007 from United States

HI all,

A colleague, Jean Carlomusto,who is a filmmaker and longtime advocate in the AIDS field, recently interviewed me for a documentary film she is completing on the history of HIV prevention with a focus on the US movement, but with a chapter on the global effort. She recently uploaded some excerpts on to You Tube including our interview which focuses on WE-ACTx's work in Rwanda. Here is the link:

If you are interested in the interview, the link is here:

As the co-founder of WE-ACTx, I am actively fundraising in support of WE-ACTx's program in Kigali. We now have a new legal rights education program that is being introduced there, working in partnership with the national network of people with HIV and a new women's national network. and we are beginning trainings that will begin this fall using a new Know Your Rights Handbook aimed at positive clients - a peer educator training manual.

We plan to share the legal handbook and similar peer education tools on gender-based violence, and trauma, etc. with other countries like DRC, N Uganda and Sudan who have asked us to get and adapt these materials for their countries where there is largescale rape and gender-based violence linked to war or conflict, that has /is spreading HIV to vulnerable groups there, particularly many women and young girls. For more information on WE-ACTx, go to Thank you. If you are interested in how you might support our work, please contact me. We have a lot of different things we need and would love your support.

Also, if you are a longtime prevention advocate or want to let Jean know of a person who has been seminal in this fight in the US or globally from the early days, please feel free to contact Jean at: [email protected].

I'm also interested in knowing from anyone of you who get this email if you think the You Tube video format - something similar to what Jean has done with her interview with me - is someting you are interested in as a format for getting information about HIV programs - if this came to you via a regular email into your inbox .

Thanks, ac

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Goldie Davich
Oct 06, 2007
Oct 06, 2007

I just watched your interview. That documentary sounds very interesting.