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Posted September 11, 2007 from United States

Hello PulseWire members,

Welcome to the WNZ!! - our new virtual Women's Networking Zone for HIV/AIDS topics and cross-issue discussions on PulseWire! We're excited by this new online tool to help us work together and discuss critical issues and challenges and opporunities we have as members of a growing, global, grassroots movement focused on HIV/AIDS and its impact on women and girls.

I'll be helping to jump start this online conversation, with my colleague Tyler Crone of Athena, and we'll be initial co-moderators. But we extend a warm invitation for you as new members to bring forward your thoughts, ideas and conversations. The WNZ is an open space for sharing our lives. work and visions, and we want it to be a safe space for all women to bring forward their ideas and input related to women and the HIV epidemic. We also welcome men who support women's empowerment and are ready to be leaders who support women.

We are particularly inviting HIV-positive women to join the WNZ, and to share the vision, experiences and needs of positive women and communities on the frontlines of HIV/AIDS. We plan to start by examining the recent Global Call to Action around HIV/AIDS and women that was issued by positive women and frontline groups at the recent Kenya 2007 Summit in Nairobi, and how we can move forward to develop a collective global agenda for change and specific strategies and actions that will empower women to respond and help strengthen our global movement.

In solidarity,

Anne-christine d'Adesky, co-moderator, WNZ

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Nov 27, 2007
Nov 27, 2007

Dear all,

For the past years, Athena has helped create a "Women's Networking Zone" - an communal forum space at the biannual International AIDS Conferences for frontline women advocates and HIV groups to welcome any woman to attend a workshop, teach, share and plan activities with other conference participants. Now we are taking the WNZ online, to create this virtual forum and discussion space to plan activities related to the upcoming Intl AIDS Conference in Mexico City, August 3-8, 2008, and to talk about issues that are related to our collective effort to strengthen the voices and advocacy of women -- and men who support women's voices -- especially HIV-postive vomen, and frontline allies.

For my part, I'm interested in hearing especially from women who attended and participated in past WNZ sessions and the Kenya 2007 conference for women with HIV/AIDS. There are so many questions and things to talk about. But the one that is most important to me is: what are our next steps?

for some of you, that includes filling out a scholarship application to the AIDS 2008 conference -- the registration period is just coming up for applying for this, and for submitting abstracts and other info to the conference. So start making your plans to join us in Mexico. PulseWire will be there, for starters, and my colleague Tyler Crone of Athena, and the ICW Latina members who are doing the heavy lifting of organizing a WNZ on site at the Mexico Conference.

One thing I'd like to do in our discussion form here on PulseWire to talk about the recent Global Call to Action that was issued at Kenya 2007 in July (see the World YWCA site for info on this conference and to read a copy of the Global Call). What are we really doing to make the Global Call a real document that can help us develop national and local Blueprints for Action - with real priorities that we can share?

So that's my first question to the group: is there anyone interested in discussing the Global Call to Action? I'll post it now in the Sharing Solutions feature of PulseWire so you can read it.

Also, for those of you interested in joining Athena, which is a broad coalition of groups working on the dual issues of HIV and gender violence, you can contact Tyler Crone, a PulseWire member.

Here are some links for those of you new to the conversation:

First of all, Athena: www.athenanetwork.orgXVI Intl AIDS Conf -Mexico City(www.AIDS2008.org) Intl Commty of Women Living with HIV/AIDS: www.icw.org



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