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About Me

Is a nongovernmental organization, apolitical and non enfeoffs, nonprofit, of Congolese law. AC.DDH.BC Its main mission is to promote, protect human rights in D.R Congo through the establishment of the rule of law, Enactment of citizenship, transparency of natural resources, social justice and good governance. Given the context of ignorance of their rights in the dual is most of the population of the DRC; In view of the recurring conflict that the DRC has experienced a continuous input, not cease to destroy the structure to become levels; Given the conflicts arising from the lack of dialogue; Faced with the resulting conflicts and corruptions arbitrary bluntly of natural resources; Faced with the worrying situation of Human Rights now systematically covered; Before the various injustice, Being civic consciousness absences gives insufficient legal service in support of litigation bind to human rights.

My Vision

Our vision is to promote, protect human rights in D.RCongo through the establishment of the rule of LAW.


Any Support can help us to reach our Goals.


Defender, investigate, protect and Law establishment


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