ASSASSINATION OF A HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVIST IN D.R.CONGO/GOMA; (burned alive with her four children)

AC.DDH.BC Human Rights Activists
Posted March 3, 2018 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
Picture of ZAWADI and her Childred
Picture of ZAWADI and her Childred (1/10)





CONSERNED: The international community.

The United Nations Security Council.




Hallo to the world.

Dear sir Madame; it is a fact that as per our last birth dates celebrations, we did vow openly or else within our own souls to commits towards achieving a better world, unfortunately many and most especially those in decision making rank, looks towards working for something very different, actually more frustrating; very painful and discouraging, worst still all funding derives from our selves. Trough taxations, cuts, Insurances etc… should we stop? The answer says none because our parents, our selves are the collectors of these funds trough employment...

Frustrating!!! What are we talking about here? It says shut your mouth, close your ears, and eyes and let (The now what Africans and those in the democratic republic of the great Congo are confusing a system of Governance.) Burns you and your children live as long as Mr. Kabila Joseph is in control. These are the same questions ring about the existence of the so called ADF (The alliance for democratic forces) claiming from Uganda. Would you Imagine all these days and all these dead by machetes, the exciding number off causalities; my friend these dead including the mighty and best equipped UN contingents from all round the world causalities. The hostages including the Mighty contingent from Tanzania. Dears all these days we have never had of ADF casualties pushing everyone to ask multiple questions like:

  • Are these rebels?
  • Who trains, arms them yet no border surrounding?
  • Are they ghosting?
  • Do they belong to the Government? Man and ladies so confusing and also their mode for murder look the relative to the way of national rebels called troops…


When the previous is no longer capable of service, and as per African way, you don’t suppose to just leave even after emptying all national coffers to the point of no longer affording anything even for the presidential cabinet. That is where it all started when MOBUTU SESEKO KUKUGBENDU WAZABANGA, the then president of the republic of ZAIRE the current Congo got empty of his might. I just remember two days before the capital city KINSHASA got over ruled he was still appealing the people to stay calm since he is in control yet 95percent of the nation was not surrounded by the then AFDL but taken and a new system instituted. Later The Then Mzee Laurent Desire Kabila took over the nation.


The old bush combatant focused his inspirations on building a more standard nation; but which nation closer to the size of Europe. The hero combatant needed more human resources, and more skilled ,strong and courageous ones since the work to do was more than it appeared; apart from soldiers but also skilled administrators, also looked like the cause got shared with other neighboring nations but in terms of machineries mostly since the bloody war of our neighbors had just ended and murder was still fresh in their minds so they would play the best role, in addition that the fallen government of the then HABYARIMANA Juvenal was still well armed well prepared to re launch the similar; so the KAGAME Paul men in service got the best ball. How best? Pushing far away the fallen but armed ones as the first ball for the interest of their new nation, but also helping the Congolese hero to achieve his goals of toppling the renegade MOBUTU. Imagine inviting a hungry lion to the Chicken party. What do you expect? It even ate the owner of the party, his wife, and his children. Up to then he was still longing even to grab his land in total and that is the reason behind the continuing butchering, burnings under many appellations in the democratic republic of Congo.

Many attempts where multiplied for the mercenaries and those who contracted them to achieve their personal goals on top of the clandestine people of the region; we can list for instance:

  • The AFDL of the Mzee Laurent Desire Kabila
  • The RCD one of the AZARIAS Ruberwa pro-Rwanda Uganda
  • The RCD Two also called RCD KML of the Thomas LUBANGA VS BOSCO Ntaganda Pro Rwnada
  • M23 Of the Rwandan General Laurent NKUNDABATWRE Pro Rwanda
  • M23 of the MAKENGA Pro Rwanda
  • NDC of Mai-Mai CHRKA in Walikale territory/North-kivu
  • M27 Of those M23 survivors and many others armed by Machetes, AK47’s, spears….

Dear man and woman of the international community, all this disorders was being perpetrated on human beings, and as the human nature, many people have tried to defend their children trough many peace full ways, advocacy, seminars… this move saw the birth of many civil society, and now one of the most painful is AC.DDH.BC to mean (Action Congolais pour la Defence des Droits Humains et des Biens-etre des Citoyens) In the English language to explain The Congolese Action for the Defence of Human Right and Well being of Citizen.

This organization was initiated by Mr. Prince MUKANYANYA ANDEMA who is currently in Exile for his dear life, exiled after losing his homes by Fire, properties………, this man got followed to his hide out in the republic of Uganda, on noticing threats he relocated to the republic of Burundi where he sought exile, but also killers were contracted to follow him there, but trough few contacts he got noticed of these new threats, when he again relocated to the nearest border, where he is hiding from the KABILA The son regime mixed with his Pro-Rwanda and Ugandan militia. Why follow a civilian up to his exile?

A lot is hidden from people’s knowledge but may be this innocent Civilian saw it all and the nature called him to denounce mal practices trough his organization cited.


Zawadi Karoti a mother of four was the acting secretary of this organization.

One week before this assassination; she was called by the office of the Governor of Nord-Kivu province in Goma town, asking her to not publish the report that she had compiled. The list of names and photos of the soldiers of Bosco Ntaganda whom where in Rwanda after being defeated by the United Nations Intervention Forces and they have been sent back in Goma to recruit, Train Congolese boys and girls to re launch another episode of their none ending war the war (stating another rebels Group).

This launch had for mission to jeopardize the incoming elections which remain the sol hope for the People of the democratic Republic of Congo to start a new life with brand new elections which would bring a new government, this time chosen by the people.

The governor asked her to not publish the report because if the report goes public, it will prove the incapacity and the hand of the government, for this entire she was promised a hefty some equaling 100.000 US dollars. Madame Zawadi and any Congolese citizen for this moment are not ready for anything like this, and most especially She had this noble calling, Madame Zawadi KAROTI denied claiming that she doesn’t know anything about all that, saying that she is only taking care of her children since the organization she was working with was shut down and its officials, some killed and some in exile. Back home she did expose to family and friends the kind of questioning she got submitted to by the government officials and responsible for the president Joseph Kabila political party officials. And didn’t know who inform them about the publication.

According to her neighbor’s testimony, they said that the soldiers started surrounding her compound and accentuated a non common patrol in and around village situated in…, People of the area never sought of anything like what happened later at night.

A separate Incident should also be part of this report. The assassination of Prince KABWANA the then external affairs of this Noble organization.

The reality goes Mr. PRINCE KABWANA the night of 23rd November 2016 was coming from a night prayer accompanied by her Fiancé Ms NEEMA DUNIA, on arriving at his residence this hero got soldiers in Uniform in his house and then the neighbor had three shots and then many others flocked the area, they got mixed with the shooters to blackmail the relevant. Later on his body was carried at Goma mortuary later on another body was brought come to find her Fiancé was caught to the same night.

Another Separate incident of this same kind involving a staff of this same organization is the assassination of Mr. Marcelin KASEREKA TENGANEZA. On the fateful night of 14th December 2016 this other hero was caught the night as he was accompanying a visitor to the door, say witnesses

Surprisingly to rider asked a question, do you have your mobile phone?; ERICK KEZO assassinatedon 12 December 2017 all in Goma). Later Madame Zawadi KAROTI called his home asking about his absence at work when she was informed the man left as usual in the morning to his work place. It was sad to realize that this man was assassinated possibly by the Rider, and his mobile computer and Phones were not with him. May He Repose in Eternal Peace?

And Now,

Dear sir and Madame of this world I am saddened to post these images of the method a government had opted to seal any attempt by Madame Zawadi KAROTI.

Here are photos of the tree others Humans Rights Activist from AC.DDH.BC who was assassinated other victims.

AC.DDH.BC will continue work for the benefit ofCongolese citizens toprotect human rights, educate and raise awareness about their rights to form citizens capable of promoting and upholding their rights. Bycollaborating with nationals and internationals NGOs(MONUSCO, HRW, ICC/CPI, AMNISY INTERNATIONAL, WORLD PULSE and other NGOs which share the some goals as us).

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Jill Langhus
Mar 06, 2018
Mar 06, 2018

Hi there brave soul.... thanks for sharing this horrific story with us. Are you able to create a FB viral post, a petition or submit the facts to a huge tv network such as the BBC to get your story and facts out, and to stop this trend? I do hope that justice is eventually served in your country and that order/peace is one day soon restored. Please keep us posted.

AC.DDH.BC Human Rights Activists
Mar 11, 2018
Mar 11, 2018

Dear JLANGHUS, we thank you so much for your proposal, this is what we need.our Desure is to be in contact with the international media. But we have difficult to join then. If the is any help you can offer us; especially to put us in contact with them, you will be helping us much.

Jill Langhus
Mar 11, 2018
Mar 11, 2018

Hi there. Yes, that would definitely help. Have your written to any of the major broadcasters? Unfortunately, I don't have any contacts. I wish I did:( I think more and more countries are using social media to keep politicians in check and to make changes in their countries by public shaming, such as this article: I believe anyone can start a petition on, and I don't think there is any cost involved: Please keep us posted on your progress, and good luck. Sending you prayers for reform, peace and balance.

Beth Lacey
Mar 07, 2018
Mar 07, 2018

Saying prayers for you and all the brave ones your community.

AC.DDH.BC Human Rights Activists
Mar 11, 2018
Mar 11, 2018

Dear BETH LACEY, thank you to for your prayers; we promise that we will not give up, we will fight until we lost our last breath.
We are hopeful that our country will be the country ware crimes will not have place

AC.DDH.BC Human Rights Activists
Mar 11, 2018
Mar 11, 2018

Dear JLANGHUS, we thank you so much for your proposal, this is what we need.our Desure is to be in contact with the international media. But we have difficult to join then. If the is any help you can offer us; especially to put us in contact with them, you will be helping us much.
Dear BETH LACEY, thank you to for your prayers; we promise that we will not give up, we will fight until we lost our last breath.
We are hopeful that our country will be the country ware crimes will not have place. Help us to shere this report so that the world my know what is really happening for human rights activists in D.R.CONGO.
My our Heavenly God bless you all!.

Tamarack Verrall
Feb 22, 2019
Feb 22, 2019

Dear AC.DDH.BC Human Rights Activists,
Although I am just now finding your report, thanks to WorldPulse sisters I am aware of the ongoing violent clashes in the DRC and appreciate a lot your sending out this much needed information. I hope that through your news we can internationally find ways to bring the news spotlight on what is happening in your homeland, and create some international support that has the effect of creating at least some degree of safety while the contested outcome of the recent election continues. I will message you privately here, but do hope that any others who are also becoming aware of what is happening can try to get international news coverage, as you have asked.

In sisterhood,

AC.DDH.BC Human Rights Activists
Apr 08, 2019
Apr 08, 2019

Dear madame TAMARACK VERRALL, I am very happy to read you. the situation in my country and very critical.
As Rwanda are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tutsi genocide, AC.DDH.BC are standing once again on the accusations against Rwandan President and his government on the crime committed in Eastern of Congo (north and south Kivu provinces). Reefed to the document published by AC.DDH.BC (PLAINTE CONTRE LE PRESIDANT DU RWANDA PAUL KAGAME SUR LES TRAFIQUE DE CORPS DE CONGOLAIS TRANSFERE DANS DES MUSEE DE GENOCIDE DES TUTSIS AU RWANDA DURANT LES 3 REBELLIONS RWANDOPHONES EN L’EST DE LA R.D.CONGO.) in 2017 06 January. Objective, justice may be done.
Require support of:
- Implications of all regional and international organizations in the achievement of this justice:
African Union,
United Nation,
African Court on Human and People's Rights,
Human Right watch,
The United Nations Security Council,
Avoca Sans Frontier,
And all other originations defending the Human Right around the world to implicate themselves in clearing this information by working with AC.DDH.BC to support him to bring justice on this crime.
AC.DDH.BC is willing to offer all evidences proving this accusation, and which have cost lives of are staffs. Regarding the published report on March 3, 2018 with title (ASSASSINATION OF A HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVIST IN D.R.CONGO/GOMA; (burned alive with her four children)

- As they commemorating the 25th anniversary in Rwanda, we are asking them to also repair about all the body of those victims killed in Congo and which they are using as Tutsis bodies killed during the Genocide. We request the autopsy to be done so that all the bodies which in in those genocide memorials in Rwanda may be returned in Congo.
AC.DDH.BC is asking support to build the memorial site in Eastern Congo for all those victims who died during the war in Congo; since the second war in Congo.