Call for help to find a missing Human Rights Activist

AC.DDH.BC Human Rights Activists
Posted September 10, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
Reported Missing
He is reported missing; according to his family, the office of UNHCR Dar es Salaam and the Tanzanian Ministry of Home Affairs (refugee department) in collaboration with the Immigrants are implicated in his missing.

Is with grand sign of honor that we come to your high authority to seek what is written in the subject place.

We are a human right activist NGO, operating in Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The man on the picture attached, is our CEO and funder of this project with have been helping millions of people victim of violences in his country. Since 2012 is under menaces of the grand luke region leaders.

This menaces is due to the great work he did in contributing to fight army groups which have been reaping thouthend of woman and girls in is country. After sharing and publishing rapports proving how our government and Rwandan Ugandan government was involved in creating this phantom groups; the leaders of this countries menace him. He was rescued by MONUSCO and took him in Tanzania for asylum seeker. He spent 6 years there, where the same leaders have been continued tracking his live. Today his family have informed us that he have been deported secretly by UNHCR and Tanzanian government to exchange him to the Rwandan government.

He left his wife and 5 kids, till now they don't know where he was taken. Is family are in the street, suffering. We are calling for your halp to find out what happened to this great activist who have sacrifice is life for the humanity!

His young brother told us that the last time he communicated with him it was the time he was escorted to the border. As u can see in the pictures attached, his he informed the UNHCR protection officer that he was in the way taken by the immigration officer. The protection officer from UNHCR IS Dar es Salaam informed the immigration why they have allowed him to comminicate, that He calling and sending them messages. 

His wife told us that since then they don't know where he is and the family in here DRC complened the same that he is missing. 

Please help us shearing this publication so that it can ritch the all community. 

For more information, Please contact us on;

Tell: +243 898622043

E-mail: [email protected]

[email protected] 

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Nini Mappo
Sep 10
Sep 10

I hope that he is safe, that he will be found, that truth will come out, that he will get justice and be restored to his wife and children.

Thank you Nini Mappo, please help us to speed this message to different people and medias

Paulina Nayra
Sep 12
Sep 12

This is very sad. Isn’t that a case of kidnapping? Have you communicated with UNHCR headquarters or the human rights commission? I hope he is safe and his family are protected, too.

DearPaulina, we have been trying to contact them but we don't rich them. That why we need your support. Please help us


What's the update? Is there any news?

Till now no update

Beth Lacey
Sep 29
Sep 29

I hope he is found and well