Inclusive woship centers

Ache Violet Fonda
Posted January 3, 2022 from Cameroon

As a Christian with Disability, I am much aware that the Bible says till the gospel reaches the 4 corners of the earth the kingdom of God will not come. But in my country, no church for which I have attended is total inclusive, some may have accessible roads leading to thier woship centers but  lack sign language interpreters or braille material to aid those with visual impairment to take notes. We know fully well God created us in his image so we ought all to know our creators. I wish to admonish all churches to consider the kingdom of God is for everyone so let them make the Gospel accessible. 

Together we can make it 

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Veronica Ngum Ndi
Jan 03
Jan 03

Dear Violet
Well said for we are always on the road to advocate for Inclusive gospel in our communities in Cameroon. I am with you all the way in this fight for inclusion.

In sisterhood
Veronica Ngum

Jan 03
Jan 03

I really appreciate your wish to establish a church in your region. We do need a proper church or even a chapel with accessible facilities. Everyone should have equal opportunities to worship and speak to God. Is there any christian/catholic organization that would help? You may consider to group other Christian in your region together to make it happen. I know it is not easy, your faith gives us strength and power to do it.
May Almighty God bless you and all christians in your region!
Jan 14
Jan 14

Dear Violet,
The churches should revisit and restudy the Bible. There are many disabled people in the bible that God has used for humanity to look at for self reflection in order to learn, and improve. God has used the disabled as the protagonist in circumstances of strife. So how can the church exclude the disabled, pick and choose who is included if the church is based on the Holy Word? Metaphorically, they are ripping out pages of the bible that they find inconvenient. Instead of embracing the people of the lessons in the bible to learn and continue to pass on to future generations.