Another Achievement for Women in Digital from "2020 ITU Innovation Challenges"

Achia Nila
Posted September 23, 2020 from Bangladesh

“Empowering girls and women through technology and making them financially empowered through mobile internet” Won the ITU Innovation challenge 2020  from Bangladesh.  Lead by Achia Khaleda Nila, Founder CEO, Women in Digital

This project won the Women in Technology Category. 26 different countries submitted more than 30 projects in this category and finally, Achia Nila from Bangladesh won this innovation challenge. 

  The 2020 edition of the ITU Innovation Challenge took place amid the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. This has resulted in stress on value chains and countries’ readiness for a digital economy, significantly affecting social conditions worldwide. Global supply, production, consumption and delivery chains are disrupted. Traditional economies are struggling, as industries have not been digitalized and infrastructure is inadequate to cope with current stress levels.

Policy-makers and innovators worldwide have been under pressure. Their communities must embrace a digital economy so that a semblance of normalcy can be maintained in these uncertain conditions. Therefore, the overall theme of this year’s challenges was on Rethinking the digital economy’s value chains during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The challenge was a global open competition platform for innovators and ecosystem builders to present their ideas and projects, empowering them to transform their communities into thriving digital societies. 

Three opportunities to win

Digital change-maker challenge: For innovators with ideas that create digital impact in their communities. 

Ecosystem best practice challenge: For ecosystem builders with good practices that nurture an enabling environment for innovators in their communities. 

Women in technology challenge: For individual women tech innovators and eligible startups with digital projects that create impact for women in their communities. 

​​The second edition of the ITU Innovation Challenges, co-organized by EQUALS​ and INPUT Hungary,​ ran from 4 May to 31 August 2020, receiving submissions from 26 countries.

The winners were announced on 17 September. A jury of 12, with six external experts and six ITU experts, selected the winning ideas. A total of 20 winners— 12 women and 8 men—have been chosen across the three categories. 

Winners will go through a boot camp in early October and participate in the Global Innovation Forum during the final week of the month. Twenty-five mentors from 18 countries will be supporting this cohort during the boot camp.



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Nini Mappo
Sep 24
Sep 24

Hello our IT shining girl Achia,
It wonderful to read your update, and see that not even 'Corona' can stop your creativity. Well done sister! I have a big smile as I think of all the change you are making with your brilliant ideas, and I feel privileged to know a sister who is shaping the world of tech.
Go girl, I'll keep cheering:)

Achia Nila
Sep 24
Sep 24

Thank you so much Nini. I am try :)

Hello, Achia,

Wow! Congratulations on winning the Women in Technology Category! We're so proud of you, dear! Thank you for sharing this great news with us. Well-deserved! Please update us on the boot camp! What a great opportunity for you to learn more. I am so glad your territory is expanding.

Achia Nila
Sep 24
Sep 24

Hi Karen,
How are you doing? Thank you so much. Yes, I will share it with you from time to time :)

Beth Lacey
Sep 29
Sep 29

Congratulations to the winners!

Paulina Nayra
Oct 26
Oct 26

Great initiative Achia. Your projects will inspire women to take up ICT courses and encourage them to innovate. This will increase the number of women in tech. Perhaps there are many girls and young women out there who are interested in tech but aren't aware of existing opportunities. And your project can help. Good luck