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About Me

I am an American student currently attending university. I am also a writer and an active social justice advocate. I recognize the privilege I have, growing up in a country rich with opportunity, though there are problems here as well. However, I wish to take my privilege and use it to help women who cannot help themselves. There is nothing that pains me more than knowing that not enough people in the Western world are educated about what is happening to women and girls in developing countries. I want to empower them and help in every way that I can, and that includes introducing others to WP as well as connecting with women here to encourage and send love to them. In the future, I plan to travel with an organization that will aid in healthcare and prevention in developing countries.

My Vision

Every woman on this planet deserves education and equal access to healthcare and a career. I wish to aid them in this fight.


I wish to learn about organizations that I can get involved with in order to start work in rural villages aiding in women's health.


Public speaking, reading and writing in English, and composition. I also have experience editing proposals and manuscripts.


Economic PowerEducationEnvironmentGender-based ViolenceGirlsHealthHuman RightsLeadership


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