I am a Stranger to this Pain

Claris Angafor
Posted June 7, 2019 from United Kingdom
You don't know what pain is (Part 1)
You don't know what pain is (Part 1) (1/1)

You don't know what pain is


You don’t know what pain is until……….

You have to stay silent while your blood flows from violence

For fear of being stigmatized because you were raped

Until you’re forcefully held and your clitoris ripped off

Until you’re forcefully married to him against your will

Until he spanks and tortures and makes you his sex slave

Until you have to give up yours to serve his

Cook, wash clothes, babysit, get insulted and never get angry

Until you become the shadow of his shadow

Until your groins and not your brains are all they see and seek

Until he takes credit for all your pluses while you get stabbed for his messes

Until your voice becomes useless and not worth hearing

You don't know what pain is Until you've felt it.....


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@Claris Angafor 2019

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Hello, Claris,

Wow! You’re on fire to write a poem so quickly. How painful this one is. I hope the descriptions you wrote here didn’t happen to you. Or was this your experience?

I could say using this definition that I am a stranger to this pain. This is too much to go through as a woman. :(

Thank you for sharing!

Claris Angafor
Jun 07
Jun 07

Hahahah, Karen, some of apply to me and most women but I wrote the two poems on the occasion of the International women's day 2019 with theme :Balance For Better
I'm grateful for the suggestion. Thank you. I'll use it right away.

Beautifully-written. It’s as if you experience them all. Bravo!

You’re welcome, dear.

Jun 08
Jun 08

Thanks for the expression. They really have strong meaning. You might have gone through a lot if it personally applied to you.
Hope you are doing very good? Take care!

Claris Angafor
Jun 08
Jun 08

Thanks Lisbeth. Take care

Jill Langhus
Jun 08
Jun 08

Eeek! Wow! That's horrible, dear. I'm so sorry you had to go through any of this!!!

Thanks for sharing your powerful words and poem.

Jun 08
Jun 08

Hi Claris, So powerful! I love the phrase "shadow of his shadow". I've been writing an entire series of poetry about the shadows of domestic abuse, and this really connected with me. It is such a dark and lonely place to be. Please know that you are not alone in your pain. I hope you have found some semblance of hope and recovery in your writing and sharing of your stories. I know how weak and scared one feels when clutched by the violent hands of another, but know that you have such a strong and powerful voice that needs to be heard around the world!

leila Kigha
Jun 29
Jun 29

powerful poem.
speaks alot.
thank you for sharing

Tamarack Verrall
Aug 31
Aug 31

Hello Claris,
A powerful poem. It is so good to know that you were able to give it out at an IWD event. This, the reality of sexual assault is what needs to be shouted from the rooftops until we are able to stop it all. So good to have you here on World Pulse.