Looking for contacts/ articles for a new issue of Autobiography Magazine on schoolchildren in rural Sri Lanka

Posted September 28, 2014 from United States
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Autobiography Magazine is a new publication dedicated to leveraging the voices of communities who have been marginalized, silenced or under-represented in mainstream media. For our new issue, we are looking to focus on school children in remote areas of Sri Lanka - collecting stories from these students primarily regarding their opinions on the Sri Lankan education system, ideas for how to improve or expand it. The articles collected can be in either Sinhala or Tamil, and will be translated in both languages as well as English. In addition to publishing these stories in our online and print magazine, we seek to have these pieces published in as many national Sri Lankan and global newspapers as possible - to ensure the children's articles have as wide of an audience as possible. However, we are looking to have students from remote regions all over the country to participate, to get a wide array of experiences.

Please contact me if you have any contacts with principals, projects, parents, or any other contacts that would be able to distribute our writing opportunity to children in rural areas of Sri Lanka. I can provide the article guidelines in both Tamil and Sinhala translations to you.

Also, if you are a Sri Lankan writer or journalist who is interested in submitting a relevant piece for this issue, please let me know as well. Please note that because we are a not-for-profit publication, we cannot offer any compensation for your article - however, you will be given full credit and we will share your article widely with our networks. This would be a great opportunity for freelance writers to gain some experience and have their work published!

Finally, even if you are not in Sri Lanka but have a valuable insight on an issue in your own country that may draw similarities with the issues faced by children in remote areas of Sri Lanka, I would love to have you write for the "International Insights" section of the magazine - please send any article pitches to me by sending me a message on World Pulse.

Thanks, World Pulse community!

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