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Adah Mbah Muyang is a dedicated worker in the area of humanities, a passionate activist, an educationalist, a blogger, an ardent advocate for women and youths. She is the founder and Executive Director for Mother of Hope Cameroon; a non-profit organization in Cameroon that seeks to promote the Rights of women and youths. She is also a master’s student and a researcher at the institute of International Relations Cameroon, where she has acquired training and skills in Peace, Gender and Human Rights. She is also a holder of a Master’s Degree in Peace and International Relations at the University of Dschange. She holds a Bachelor Degree in History at the University of Yaoundé I, a Diploma in Education 1st and 2nd grades from ENS Bambili Annex and ENS Yaounde I, respectively. She is passionate about Human Rights, Adolescent and women’s rights, Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender Equity & Equality, Gender-Based Violence, Youth Leadership and development.

As a young innocent girl i was vulnerable to violence and i grew up with intense feelings determine to make a change that will revert the monster of violence that are characterized by physical, financial, psychological and emotional trauma; situations that are faced by many young girls and women in our society today. Limitation to information access or own a computer has been a great challenge in my struggle, so i began visiting the cyber- cafes to learn computer skills because access to education, information and communication technology for women still remains a great challenge which deprives them of information and thus economic independence. I also revert to reading many articles on women’s’ issues that inspired me to take action. I read how women long for freedom, equal rights, total liberty, and the urge to own land. Improve laws concerning women and girls in distress. While searching for solutions to such problems, I met many other women who have miserably accepted their faith. I refuse the fact that African men have the right to torture their women without punishment. This burning passion for justice and change, forces me on in a quest for more ways and knowledge to a solutions for violence against women and girls, and thus the birth of “Mother of Hope Cameroon” (MOHCAM).

Adah is known for advocating for the rights of women and youths victims of rape, domestic violence and child trafficking thanks to the international training which she obtained in MASHAV- Israel and Equitas- Canada. As Executive Director over five years' with experience at Mother of Hope Cameroon(MOHCAM), she has helped over 500 girls get an education, convinced 5 communities leaders and counselors to set laws preventing forced marriage, 25 women leaders to end the stigma against intimate partner violence and 100 mothers to send their daughters to school. She established 10 gender and human rights clubs in 10 secondary schools. She has donated menstruation kites to 350 girls in rural communities. She also is an advocate for eco-friendly reusable pads which is sustainable and helps women and girls to save money during Menstruation. Adah is offering services to grassroots women in her country, trying to get them involved in Peace Building processes and making their impact felt in decision making in their local communities. She is very passionate working with women and youths, helping to give them a voice and seeing their lives transformed. She believes in the respect for Human rights especially promoting the rights of women and youths. In all her endeavors, she dreams of a transformed society where there is respect for human dignity, equality and lasting peace.

I have become so passionate about the issues of gender based violence and female empowerment. I hope to meet many other women in the world who will support me in the fight for the liberation of so many women who can’t take action because of the many traditional set- ups and socio-economic constraints that have hindered the growth of their communities. Despite all the efforts by the human rights international legal systems to better the conditions of women in the world, women and girls still face numerous problems due to the poor implementation of the laws and policies.

As a woman, teacher and human right defender and I'm engaged in the empowerment of girls in schools and communities. My mission is to build future women’s rights defenders from present generation. I will wish to promote the image of women who are living with pain and torture. I'm also the mentor of Gender and Commonwealth Clubs. Women who are in hopeless situations should understand that,time decides what you do in life and your heart decides what you want to offer in life but your determination decides if you want to succeed in life. Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thought. Women stand for who you are, because you were born for a purpose and that’s to change your community.

My Vision

My vision is to establish the first women and girls empowerment center for peace and security in Cameroon. Here women and girls will be educated on the Laws, policies, leadership, how to propagate love, equality, peace, and justice. They will be able to build a support groups which will empower them economically, socially and politically. This will promote the culture of peace and violence extremism in homes, schools communities. This center will provide hope to the less fortunate; unprivileged, abused women and girls. The center will create and maintain an atmosphere where women will be able to obtain career orientations, political guidance, socially and economically support. The women and girls will become mentors for many others in their communities. This will help build resilience and sustainable communities. The fear factor will be minimized and women will be able to use the available recourses to fight against all forms of marginalization, poverty, the lack of affordable health care delivery systems, drinking water and sanitation, gender-based violence such as socio-cultural, socio-economic and social-political, HIV/AIDS, Female Genital Mutilation and breast ironing. Access to education by women still remains a great challenge with the result that it deprives them of information and economic independence. More training on information communication technology will raise awareness and more women will have access to the internet through sensitization. My purpose is to pave the way for the scared and unsure women and girls in the communities and provide justice.


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