Take Action By Volunteering with Mother of Hope Cameroon

Posted February 8, 2016 from Cameroon
Mother of Hope Cameroon in Need of Volunteers
Take Action By Volunteering!
Girls Must Lead 237
Girls Must Lead 237: Girls Must Learn. You can make the difference in the lives of adolescent Girls in schools and communities in Cameroon They Need your Help!!! (1/2)

Volunteers Needed.

Join Mohcam.You can make the difference in the lives of adolescents. Mohcam is in need of volunteers from any part of the world to join her team in their health educative programs to fight against girl dropouts, HIV/AIDS, Crude abortions, early and forced marriages, and violence against women, menstrual health and teenage pregnancies in Cameroon-Bamenda. A few hours a week or month, occasionally or more long term, you can support Mother of Hope Cameroon’s actions by volunteering according to your desires, capabilities or availability.

Please As fast as possible Send us an email: [email protected]





Activity Report on Mentrual Health in Schools
Report for Menstruation 2015

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