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Book Donation:Offering Women and Girls with Reading and Communication Skills By Establishing an Organisational Library in Mother of Hope Cameroon-MOHCAM

Posted September 9, 2016 from Cameroon
Expired on October 9, 2016
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Many women and girls face lots of difficulties in reading and building adequate communication skills in schools and communities in Cameroon. For many women and girls to reach their potentials, it’s important and crucial to identify their learning needs as regards their reading and writing skills. The absence of the reading culture and the Lack of basic educational needs like books, crayons and educative videos in schools and communities have greatly affected thousands of Cameroonian women and girls. Most Parents do not help their children with useful learning materials due to ignorance and poverty. They believe that the schools have the obligation to teach their children even when they lack the basic learning materials.

The reading levels of women and girls is of primary concern because they make up more than 6o% of the schooling population. 3.5million Cameroonians are illiterates (UNESCO) and women make up about 51% of the population according to the World Bank statistics. Building self-esteem and positive attitudes of women and girls with reading and learning disability is but of greater importance for a developing nation like Cameroon to foster its achievement in Goals 4 & 5 of the sustainable development goals by 2030

As an organization which seeks to contribute to the education of women and girls,Mohcam has worked consistently with women and girls problem learners in schools and communities. Mohcam is very aware of the role of self in energizing learning, and the potential damage to the sense of self-worth which comes from labeling. For women and girls to feel successful, they need to become aware of their unique learning strengths, so that they may apply them effectively while working to strengthen their educational and communication capacities. Women and girls needs to feel loved and appreciated as individuals, whatever their difficulties.

In response to this, Mother of Hope Cameroon - Mohcam has provided an organizational library space to help women and girls with reading and writing difficulties in order to break these challenges and develop sustainable communities. At the moment we have over one thousand books and some educational materials. These resources will provide practical assessments that can be used to identify and help women and girls with reading difficulties. These books are provided to support the teaching strategies and development skills in knowledge acquisition.

The assessment will base in supporting and monitoring women and girls learning progress in reading and writing. This will improve on their reading ability and boost their educational performance in schools, universities and communities. It will also help the women and girls to write their own stories, gain leadership positions and build effective communication skills. They will be able to read and learn about their rights and bodies.

The services of volunteers in education are therefore needed to offer their time through our online services and platforms to help women with basic reading skills. We also need more books to help women and girls have verities of study and learning materials in development. We will be very grateful with you offering your time in assisting us realize our goal in educating women and girls.

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Thank you all so much!!!

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