Run for Pasig River - at 10/10/10

Adelma A.Linatoc
Posted October 15, 2010 from Philippines

Its aim is to create wider awareness and raise funds for the seven-year campaign to clear the Pasig River and hopefully,breaking the Guinnees Book of world record for the footrace in the world.It is the most widespread day of environmental action and 188 nations had joined biggest climate change activism.Races organizers before said,about 160,000 registered to join the event and an auditing firm will determine if the number of actual runners will beat the record of 110,000.Crowds diversity alone showed that using a sport to show support for the environment is something that everyone can relate.Well known boxer,Manny Pacquiao,well known female and male artist,t.v.hosts,religious leader of El Shaddai's Mike Velarde and former President Fidel V.Ramos joined the important event.As the sun rose and Ramos signaled the start with a gunshot and organized clusters of 2,000 colorful dressed participants ran past the starting line one at a time.

It is the most widespread day of civic engagement on any issue ever in the planet's history!housands of people throughout Asia,including some of its most impoverished areas,joined the iniative through various events organized at the grassroots level.This is a clear mesage to our leaders of the world that the people in developing country in Asia are taking action and the most vulnerable to climate change impact.

It is important that we have to take care of our environment and Mother Earth.It is a united effort in cleaning our rivers and esteros so as to lessen and eradecate the cause of the respiratory problems and clogged waterways.

On my part, if I am riding on a jeepney and noticed that somebody is throwing rubbish along the street, I at once called their attention that it's not the proper way of disposing,I tell them that it will cause clogging of the drainage when it rain,got flooded.If the driver of the jeepney and passenger are smoking, even the sign of "No Smoking" is very clear posted,I called their attention.

It is the United Nations initiated effort to tackle global warming.

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Adelma A.Linatoc
Oct 16, 2010
Oct 16, 2010

Grade schoolers were ask to keep their rubbish in their bag and to be dispose it at home.In that gesture,the children will slowly bring to their consciousness the importance of proper wage disposal.When started to little children the advocacy on environmental awareness it will create great impact on them.Efforts of the Non-governmental institution/ organizations of giving education to the community like proper waste segregation were also taught.They are very creative and have the system and strategy on approaching the people in the community.In some areas,they establish schedule of collecting biodegradable to non-biodegradable ones.Media and other television networks who regularly entertain viewers maximized the service and created strategies of collecting empty plastic bottles, disposable plastic materials( considered "white elephants" that are kept) which they are going to recycle it to another form of product that can be of useful.They donated the finish product like chairs and tables to communities and school estalishment.