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i'm a single parent since 1989 and got four kids.I work as a community dev't.worker in an urban community for less than five(5)years w/ health skills of health promotion and disease prevention. been a social worker in a social action center of san felipe neri parish.My awareness regarding equal rights of women and men was been cleared when i worked in a womens' group for seven(7)years and (3)months. From then on i've been a feminist.Am advocator of womens' reproductive and health rights.
I'm one of the founder of Yamang Pagkalinga Healing Foundation, a group of women that cater whatever services they need mostly for women.It was been found on a very bright day with lots of butterfly last September 09,1999,(09/09/99)It was a co-incident and we give meaning for that.
At present, i'm a volunteer worker to a group of women lawyer who cater services to children-in-conflict with the law(CICL) by going with them in attending the court hearings,visiting in jail and giving education depending on their suggested topics,issues and interests.
I like to sing but it seems the songs don't like me.I want to feed every night the stray dog that usually wait outside our gate be it rain or have storm. It's so uneasy for me not to help those who approached me.Trying to educate them not to rely always to others even in a small way. Cooking local foods.Shiatsu massage,Family planning.

My Vision

The lyrics of the song "IMAGINE" sang by well-know Beatles member lJohn Lennon.