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About Me

My name is Adeyemo Opeyemi .I grew up in Nigeria and I was nurtured and trained by a single parent.As the first born of the family,my mother tried all her possible best nurturing me and my sister with her small menial job(hairdressing).It was really tough grewing up.It get to a certain point that I have to dropout of a private school and enroll in a public school for my younger sister to be able to go to school.
Few month later,my Mummy fell sick ,she was rushed to the hospital.The doctor told me my mother has chronic ulcer and the doctor ask me to deposit 50,000 if I dont want to lose my mother's life.I began to wipe because I have no place to get the money from.
In 2016,I had an encounter with Mummy Aramide.I explained all I have gone through to her and she promise to help me .
Meeting with Mummy Aramide really makes a good impact in my family.Meeting her, my family sorrow turns into joy.

My Vision

My vision is to educate and inspire the girl's child and widow on domestic violence,Education equality,health hygiene and leadership.


I will give out the best in me to support others vision.


Education EqualityEmpowering GirlsGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenPeace and SecurityWomen and the EnvironmentWomen's Health