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Break the Cycle of Spousal Abuse With Me

What I'm Leading

Bendoweh Foundation's (BF) goal is to make sure the next lady does not end up in an abusive marriage through education and service delivery. The ultimate goal is to stop spousal abuse in Ghana and to raise awareness about the possibility of healthy marriages. This campaign focuses on educating youth, since prevention is always better than a cure. First I focus on educating high school girls. Second I focus on a selected group of girls who become ambassadors to educate their own community who will utilize social media and communication tools to spread the word and support.


Who I'm Impacting

The youth and those in rural Ghana who are prone to physiological and physical abuse in marriage.

How to Get Involved

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About Me

I am a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and a founder of an NGO called Bendoweh Foundation which serves as a voice that has broken the cycle of abuse in intimate relationships and has also encouraged the youth to stay out of sexual immorality. Before the NGO, I was a teacher who did not find fulfillment in my teaching career even though I like teaching and I love kids. Something was still missing in my life.

The turning point in my life was when I discovered that no one is an accident or a mistake in this world and that each one is born with a purpose. So I started searching through my life to see what could be my purpose on earth. the confirmation came in my final year in the university when I was led to write my thesis on abusive marriages and at a time my own marriage was going through crisis.This is what led to the establishment of the foundation.

My passion is to break the cycle of spousal abuse

My Vision

My vision is to see that no lady ends up in an abusive marriage again because everyone deserves a healthy marriage


Needs mentors and financial help to develop training materials and to train girls and women to serve as ambassadors in their communities.


Counseling couples, survivors of spousal abuse and teenage girls


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